Kaiserreich Update #7

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These two events popped up right in the very beginning of the war. This war will ensure we don’t have to fight a two-front war, at least. Shame about the admiral.

Scouting shows that their back is exposed. Since those two provinces don’t have beaches to land on, however, it doesn’t matter…

Plains and no river obstacles made Vijayawada an easy province to capture.

I’ve landed two divisions behind their back to hopefully direct away their attention, so I can push them out.

It didn’t work, however.

With support from Delhi’s army, I manage to take Vishakapatnam.

Bengal upholds a fine tradition and sends us a peace offer, in an ill-concieved attempt to stall their inevitable annexation.

I make an attempt at their capital, but fail.

I’m practically swimming in oil right now. +12% to a province with 1 oil is not very much, anyway.

Huh, Delhi managed to push them out when I wasn’t looking…

My tank managed to hold off three cavalry divisions! Impressive.

Tibet is allied with Mongolia. It’ll be interesting to see how this war goes…

“Probably in our best interests” is a reason good enough. The king was very adamant about sending aid, too.

Delhi has the honour this time.

Hell yes! Suck on that, Wilhelm!


One Response to “Kaiserreich Update #7”

  1. lknowledge Says:

    You should’ve titled this, “Indian Intrigues!” because there sure is a whole lot of it here!

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