Kaiserreich Update #6

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At the onset of the war, my lone tank division sees a fierce attack (that’s an anti-tank brigade). This does not faze me very much, though.

A sweet bonus, though I’m practically swimming in energy right now.

China grows even bigger, this time at the expense of Yunnan Clique.

As we make landings on the unprotected PF coast, PF panics and begs for peace. Not gonna happen.

We make a dash for Hyderabad, their capital, though we fail.

Iceland breaks free from Denmark. Could be used as a stepping stone in our bid to invade Union of Britain, perhaps? If things turn out favourably, maybe it could.

As Delhi troops finally realize that guarding the Nepal border is not the biggest priority and shift towards better positions, I rush mine for the harbour to place them in Bombay.

We finally take Hyderabad.

Of victory points provinces, only Nagpur and Cochin on the west coast remain. We manage to beat the disorganized Nagpur garrison here, sending them out.

I have two division land in Cochin, but it looks like determined resistance will send them out into the sea again. I hope to keep them out of Cochin until I can claim Nagpur.

With support from Hyderbad, though, I narrowly avoid defeat.

After 1 and 1/4th of a month, PF is finally annexed. Delhi is overjoyed with the news.

With the aid of new and improved blueprints, I begin to extend my navy.

Iceland, which is out of fuel, kindly asks Canada for a deal. Union of Britain does not like this one bit.

The mod takes a jab at Lord of the Rings, hinting at its eventual underlying motif. Whatever that image is supposed to represent, it looks awesome.

Fifty fuel? I think the king consumes about that amount during one of his picnic trips with some of the other nobility.

Uh-oh, I hope they don’t fall to UoB.

I don’t get an alliance, military access or anything, but I suppose this event is good.

Grr… Well, as much as we would like to, we’re in no shape for a war right now. Besides, I trust MacKenzie’s intuitions.

Things are going south for Iceland (they’re storming the government) but Iceland feels that they are comfortable with this. Let’s hope it’s so.

Sorry, but I didn’t research it in 1936 for a reason. It has limited use, as I’m not planning to use paratroopers.

Beat it, Lithuania, Poland is Austria’s bitch.

I was a bit delayed by bringing over additional troops and making sure the Iceland crisis would not turn sour, but now I am confident in finally uniting the Indian peninsula. Bengal will be a tougher nut to crack than the Princely Federation, though.


One Response to “Kaiserreich Update #6”

  1. lknowledge Says:

    The Kaiserreich People are geniuses! With how they handle J.R.R. Tolkien. I could see that myself.

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