Kaiserreich Update #5

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Here are the top twelve nations just right after the war:

The Krauts and the Communards share the top spot. Though Germany has managed to stave off the depression, Commune of France has directed their economy towards total war. Though they are both potentially deadly enemies, they are both more concerned with the inevitable war between the two of them.

Our worst enemies, Union of Britain, is one of the strongest nations on the planet. We will not cower before them, though.

Russia, which has turned Menshevik again, is content within their own sphere and will only act if someone else attacks them.

In the fifth place is Canada. Our vast industrialisation program and occupation of parts of the US has given us quite some more industrial strength.

We’ve actually managed to inch past Japan. They remain our strongest ally, though, and have both a stronger military and more advanced technology.

The Chinese, with the annexation of Allgemeinschafte Ostasien, has managed to become a strong ally of Germany, with an insane manpower pool.

The mighty Habsburg empire, or what’s left of it, gives us access to the European heartland, while being a strong ally in themselves.

It’s too bad Hungary ended the Ausgleich, because we could’ve had good use for them. The AUS have grown moderately large as well. We’re not quite done with them yet…

The PSA lurch right behind.

As well as the Ottoman Empire, which could be troublesome in the future.

Why thank you, but I already have it…

+200 manpower, and a battleship, and some other goodies! For Canada, letting the US fail is the most favourable turn of events, damnit.

My brave little ally. :3

In a moment of tiredness, I make an insane deal with Bulgaria, which I cancel a few months later.

That’s cool, but Washington DC is Canadian territory, remember?

Things turn sour for National France, as groups wishing for freedom rise up in the Saharas.

The Legation Cities, a group of cities on the Chinese coast, are annexed, making China even stronger.

If the Swiss refused, this could’ve easily start the second weltkrieg. But they didn’t.

Russia has to deal with some domestic trouble. Transamur, Japanese puppet, looks greedily to the west.

Brazil starts something they quite possibly are not strong enough to win.

Inspired by the Tuaregs and Sibirians, the Kurds and Vietnamese join in the fun.

Cool, but fairly useless on the whole.

Scared by Brazil’s madness, they sign an alliance.

And we decide to start some fun of our own…


One Response to “Kaiserreich Update #5”

  1. lknowledge Says:

    Boy, trying to reconquer Britannia one colony at a time, eh?. I should get down to posting an AAR on here.

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