Kaiserreich Update #4

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Here’s the grand strategy I drew up before the war. The armour and cavalry in the west deals with the divisions there and are then free to expand in the CSA’s back. Advancing around the lake that looks like a grenade, I’m going to surround the lake that looks like a platypus and and take the Chicago-Detroit line.

At the East coast, the New Englanders hold the line while a cavalry divisions sneaks up behind their back. By ship, a marine division and an infantry division shall land on the Eastern seaboard. Meanwhile, the combined Entente airforce pummels the shit out of the CSA.

Unfortunately, plans have a tendency to break at first impact. Here, militias show fierce resistance.

The game’s first encirclement! They’re often the key to winning wars.

My cavalry division has bitten more than it could chew. I was surprised to see the CSA have so many divisions in the west. The divisions I have there won’t be able to deal with them all.

The Eastern front is the one we are doing the most progress one right now.

The CSA lands their feet on Canadian soil. This is an outrage.

Er… apparently my marine division was annihalated due to enemy bombardment. My interceptors weren’t doing their job.

The rest of the Entente rushes with expeditionary forces. They are very useful, but they tend to park them in quite inconvenient places.

My tank is cut off from supply! My cavalry division hastes to relieve it.

Finally some signs of life at the Centre front. The badass militias were too much to chew for my cavalry. Note the military police attachment it has. The developers of the mod have a good sense of humour.

Japan is friendly for once. Maybe they’re just showing off. They are ahead of us in the tech race.

This is not looking good. In my haste to relieve a tank division from encirclement, I might end up losing both of them.

We’re not the only ones cut off from supply.

After nearly two months of war, a terrible thing happens.

Apparently thinking we’re scared of them breaking through the almost unguarded Western front, they propose a peace offer. We tell them to place it where the sun does not shine.

My troops can see Chicago on the horizon. Keep pushing, boys.

Some much needed infantry divisions see completion. They are deployed in the west.

Incredibly, I managed to save my tank. The CSA chose not to attack it when it was surrounded. Their loss, I suppose.

The crown city of the CSA is now under attack by forces from all across the Entente.

Right in the midst of this warmongering, we finally have five tech slots!

Things are going quite badly for the CSA. From having 100 IC at the height of the war, they are now below 10. Once the AUS and I get all the victory point provinces, it’s good bye for them. They prove to be hard to kill, though.

The war might not be over by Christmas, but it should be over within a year of it starting. Now it’s mostly a fight between the AUS and I to see who gets the most territory.

The extra IC we got from this war allows us to expand our airforce quite a lot.

Kingdom of Spain showing to be as hard to charm as Italian Federation, I turn my attention towards Bulgaria.

Denver, the last capital of the US, is also the last stronghold of the CSA. It would be nice to grab it before the AUS.

It looks like that might not be possible, though.

Germany has lost a puppet, but has gained a much stronger ally.

The Rocky Mountains prove to be too hard a nut to crack.

The AUS finally captures Denver, allowing us to annex the CSA, or what’s left of it. John Reed as publically hanged, and there was much rejoice. Most appropriately, the date of annexation was the 14th of March, exactly seven months after Canada entered the war.

And so the bloody civil war finally ends. The AUS grabbed more than I would’ve liked, but winning the war would’ve been difficult had they not survived. The Pacific States managed to carve out a lot from the moribound US (though they missed a bit which first the CSA got when they annexed the US, and then I got when Is annexed the CSA).

I’m not too worried about their potential threat. They are both democracies (the AUS chose Charles Lindbergh to lead them) and have high isolationism, and their belligerence will sink to zero eventually. They won’t be able to DoW me unless something extraordinary happens.


3 Responses to “Kaiserreich Update #4”

  1. Strategos' Risk Says:

    Lindy is in charge of the nuthouse? Lucky AI choices for you!

  2. lknowledge Says:

    Yes, Lindbergh, leader of Us? and I thought Glenn Beck was Insane!. Well. at least There’s no Hitler in this timeline, or at least he’s reduced to insignificance, for him to kiss up to.

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