Kaiserreich Update #3

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Not needing any more Interventionism, I set the slider for Canada to become a bit more hawkish.

It helps our allies and gives a bunch of bonuses, so I don’t see why not.

Good, that means they won’t start a bunch of annoying wars.

Rich Canadians need somewhere to go on vacation, so I’m giving my approval. That new airbase and tech team also helps.

The Magyars are sick and tired of Vienna, and seperates with them, signalling the end of the Ausgleich. Would’ve been fun if Austria declared war, to see which one would win.

The new cavalry division is deployed in the west, to guard, and possibly attack.

That’ll keep Brazil busy.

Allgemeinschafte Ostasien declares independence from Germany.

I’m sorry Bishop, we just can’t spare the manpower needed for that.

UoB goes Totalist with Oswald Mosley (!) and Eric Blair (AKA George Orwell).

We have +200 relations with them, but still no chance of joining. Perhaps the new Pope will be more Entente-friendly…

The Czech gives Austria a headache.

Korea decides to fight for its independence, and we are at war for the first time in the game.

Austria is trying to keep a crumbling empire together, and hates syndicalism. They and Canada have plenty in common.

Hmm, I wonder if we got more than we bargained for when we allied Egypt.

Damn, The Italians go and elect a Social Democratic syndie-friendly pope. Our chances of making an alliance with them is now below zero, and our money on them is wasted.

The country “Korea” does not exist. I’m ignoring you.

The CSA is growing stronger. Let’s hope they don’t grow too strong for us to beat them.

The Spanish civil war kicks off.

Prime minister King announces national holiday. Canadians are a cheerful people.

We decide to from the IEDC, as expanding industrial strength both at home and abroad is welcome.

The Carlists rise up and makes the civil war a threesome.

*Korean ambassador enters office*
*McK King pulls out gun*
*Korean ambassador leaves office*

A little present from me to the Caribbean Federation, my most trustful ally.

Excellent, we need more energy.

Heh. Well, maybe we should think about ending this little collection of trade unions.

The Austrians play hard to catch.

Panzer! This will give the CSA something to play with.

I commision some much needed Infantry divisions, though they won’t be available until in October.

Austria decides to join our odd bunch of nations, and gives us an extra ally along with it.

*Korean ambassador enters office*
*Bucket of water falls on ambassador’s head*
*Korean ambassador leaves office*
*McK King picks up phone and dials receptionist*
“I got him!”

With Kingdom of Spain looking to be the victors of the war, I try to get them on our side with some moolah.

Finally, I decide to end this little putsch.


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