Kaiserreich Update #2

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Commune of France has managed to beef up their effective IC, to the degree that they have more than the depression-riddled Germany.

Edmund Allenby kicks the bucket, giving us more of that annoying IC.

The American IC jumps to 138, but goes down to 114 the next day. Still, that’s more than the 55 they had in January.

Both the syndies and the populists gets to taste Fed steel, and the American populace at large are affected by arbitrary laws. Possibly this will piss off a few certain groups.

Egypt finally joins our alliance, giving us a base near the Suez Canal and the Ottoman Empire.

Finally, both the CSA and the AUS decides they’ve had it with the US, and declares their independence. The second American civil war is on.

Opportunists as we are, we seize New England. The New Englanders want to become independent as well because, er, I couldn’t select anything else.

The Pacific States feel unloved, and joins the bandwagon as well.

I decide to send equipment, but no volunteers. I’m hoping for CSA to expand moderately, so I can go in and grab their territories for myself later on.

Though Canada held its fingers crossed behind its back when it made that promise of respect.

The US in November. It’s all going to hell in a handbag.

Sure, why not. This will help our allies throughout the Commonwealth.

We begin to approach the Italian Federation, hoping to help the Pope fight his sinful temptations of joining the apparently über-sexy Kaiser.

Speaking of which, the Kaiser always has room for more in his bed. National France looks on in jealousy as Germany puppets Liberia, but thankfully doesn’t take any action.

We finally finish the IC (except for one which is completed a few days later due to various reasons).

The US and CSA struggle for supremacy. Canada officially supports the US, though secretely wants the CSA to do better.

Expanding our industrial base is still our priority, though an extra cavalry division will come in handy.

Aww, Brazil goes syndie.

Alaska has been, and will always be Canadian.

Finally, 1936 ends. We’re now at full Interventionism, and feel that taking London is not an unrealizable project.


One Response to “Kaiserreich Update #2”

  1. lknowledge Says:

    Wow, what an interesting situation. (In response to the US’s option of crack down on them both) That is catastrophic! It makes anything 41 did in this country look like almonds!

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