Kaiserreich Update #1

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As previously stated, we are the leaders of the Entente. In a Canada game, diplomacy is a vital skill. In the diplomacy screen one can also change ministers and and sliders. Changing a minister gives dissent, and sliders can only be changed once a year. Changing sliders in January is a good idea, though I have a terrible habit of playing into, say, May of a year and remembering “damn, should’ve changed sliders”. One step towards Interventionism for me.

The production screen is where you build stuff. You build stuff with IC (Industrial Capacity). Each day one IC consumes 2 Energy, 1 Metal and ½ Rare Materials. Oil is not imperative for industry, but is damn well needed if you want to use anything besides infantry, cavalry and field artillery. Supplies are needed to keep your military going, and money to do research diplomacy and espionage (neither us nor the AI will use espionage in this game, though). Manpower is a pretty tricky resource. If you build a ton of divisions until you scrape the barrel of the manpower pool, you’ll have nothing left to reinforce it with.

The populace becomes pissed off if you don’t put IC towards Consumer Goods. CG can also give you money, and decrease dissent. The latter is especially important due to the crazy and far-fetched events which will give us dissent penalties now and again.

I start out building a ton of factories, because it really is crucial if we are to bring Canada to greatness.

The technology screen is where you research stuff. Tech teams have certain specialisations and skills to determine how fast they’ll research a certain technology. We can only have three at once right now, though we can have up to five with the proper base IC. The skill of the tech team and certain slider settings determine how much in upkeep they cost.

Rear Area Supply Dumps, Agrichemistry and Great War Hospital System seems like good ones to start out with. Canada needs manpower, and take as little casualties as possible, as we really don’t have a lot of it.

I place the few troops I have in more favourable positions.

Canada is suffering from a lack of energy, which the Australasian Confederation shall provide for us.

We have the awesomeness that is Mackenzie King. With him, everything should be possible.

Reactionary landowners are exactly what the Entente is looking for! We have lousy relations with them and they have high isolationism, so they won’t be our allies in the forseeable future.

The king is dead! Long live the king!

I’m choosing to support the prime minister, because it won’t change Canada’s ideology. Macken’s awesome +50% alliance chance with close ideologies makes that kind of important.

Germany is haunted by the inherent instability of the capitalist system, leading to a decrease in IC. Though it spreads to other countries, we don’t have to worry about it since we are outside Germany’s sphere of influence.

This pisses the Yanks and Aussies off for some reason. Our citizens love it, though.

Commune of France is all discrete about its intentions.

We need money, plenty of money, because we need to briber, er influence certain nations. It’s not like my allies need it for anything better, anyway.

Dissent whatever I choose. I’m screwed either way. Very well, I shall pick the one with least dissent.

The useless Irish seek help, but instead of seeking aid from the noble Entente they end up in bed with the Kaiser! Don’t be surprised if Canadian troops enter Dublin, damn potato growers.

This is Kaiserreich. Strange things happen all the time, this time it’s the Peru-Bolivian Cofederation. I’m not even going to try to show all of the events happening.

From the test games I’ve done so far, I’ve determined that Japan is the one must important country we need to have in our camp, even though they may pursue their aims of a Pan-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere.

For some dissent, we get two somewhat cool tech teams. We choose to work with the Brits.

After the Caribbean Federation think themselves too good for our rusty coffins, er I mean excellent ships, Delhi decides to invest in the navy.

Shanqing Tianguo are apparently insane? They only have 9 IC versus Qing’s 39.

Qing decides to overreact, and joins the Kaiser’s harem. Hmm…

The Mongols are up to their usual zaniness.

He gives more manpower. Any questions?

Eh, give him the cold shoulder. We can’t appear weak. Ignoring him gives two slider moves to Authoritarian, making us Authoritarian Democrats.

This option seems to give less chance of bill killing, so I choose that.

This gives us a ton of new IC across the country. We take it.

Conscription, and thus manpower, is a must. I was expecting the “Duplessis Protests” event, but it never happened.

Let’s appeal to our national pride, here. We need to get to London!

With some luck, the Japanese finally cave in and join our alliance. His Imperial Majesty is known for his hatred of syndicalism.

On the technology front, we now have four tech slots. Awesome!

Ah, f*ck. All the changes I made seem to still be valid, though, this event just gives us some icky dissent and some slider moves.

Japan shows to be an additional cash reserve.

After some thinking, I decide to make Egypt the next victim. Egypt. They have the same ideology as us and somewhat high interventionism, though we start out with fairly crappy relations. I intend to rectify that with some moolah.

National France does something useful for once.

Some decreased resources is nothing compared to the usefulness of these two new tech teams.

And the US decides on an unorthodox action in regards to the elections, putting McArthur in charge. Interesting…


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  1. Strategos' Risk Says:

    You’ve got some interesting events, in terms of what the AI chose, especially the last one!

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