Kaiserreich: Canada in the Second Weltkrieg Index

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Hearts of Iron II is a very detailed WWII strategy game. Overshadowed lately by the up-and-coming Hearts of Iron III, HoI2 remains the most popular game in the series for the dedicated Let’s Player/AARer. The most popular modification of HoI2 is Kaiserreich, a mod which asks the question “What if the Central Powers won the First World War?”. I’m going to do an After Action Report on it.

The country in focus will be Canada, the leader of the Entente. The Entente is usually the underdog of these games, but I intend change that.

We are situated in North America. Trouble is a-brewin’ in the United States, which somehow managed to get it worse in this alternative history than in our timeline. In the industrial throngs of Chicago and Detroit Combined Syndicates of America is wishing to make a move. The America First Union Party gathers strength from the depressed agricultural regions of the South and Mid-West, while in the very west of America the pacific states are biding their time.

Mexico is Syndicalist, though not yet part of the Internationale, while we have an admittedly weak ally in the Caribbean Federation.

In the Great South American War, which started as a war between Bolivia and Paraguay and which eventually extended into a war between Argentina and Brazil. Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, the victors of the war, eventually transformed into La Plata, and the weakened Brazil looks like it could fall to syndicalism any day.

With the United States neutral in the war, Germany was able to, after peace at the eastern front, be able to concentrate at the western, eventually winning. France was in chaos, leading to the creation of the Commune of France, and Britain followed shortly after in a general strike which culminated in the Union of Britain. Italy is split in half, one syndicalist in the south, and the Italian Federation in the north, which holds quite some sway over the catholic countries. The Commune of France is the leader of the Internationale, and quite interested in spreading syndicalism over the planet.

Germany decided to help the Mensheviks, leading to Russia being led by Aleksander Kerensky. This Russia is much weakened in this timeline, not only due to the lack of Stalin’s steel bath, but also because the former Russian Empire has been split up in many independent entities.

Though the Austro-Hungarian Empire won the war, the following inter-war years showed how utterly dependent on Germany it was. The dual monarchy is in the game represented as Austria having Hungary as a puppet. The Balkans are a melting pot of countries, ready to overheat any time.

Germany is currently the most powerful country on the planet. It has plenty of allies in Europe like Flander-Wallonia (former Belgium), White Ruthenia (Belarus), Ukraine and United Baltic Duchy. This band of countries are part of a bloc called Mitteleuropa, lead by Germany, naturally.

The exile French set up camp the North African colonies, to become National France. Their aim is to subjugate Commune of France. They have to watch out so the opposite does not happen, though, and look out for uprisings of ethnical groups within their territory. Currently our strongest ally, which says something about the position we’re in.

That huge green blob is Mittelafrika, German vassal, led by WWI ace Hermann Göring. The fatty has started to develop plans of enlarging Mittelafrikan territory, much to Germany’s chagrin. The Portuguese territories are in a difficult position.

Egypt became independent at the end of the Weltkrieg, and managed to expand in Sudan, becoming one of two truly independent African nations, along with Ethiopia. Libya is currently a puppet of the Ottoman Empire, which managed to modernize after the Weltkrieg, and South Africa is unfortunately not in the Entente.

Liberia is an annoying little American puppet. Annoying, because if National France wishes to make Liberia their own, and Liberia tells National France to f*ck off, we’ll be at war with the United States.

India is split into three parts: 1. Delhi, which is in the Entente, 2. Bengal, syndicalist and 3. The Princely Federation, which is pretty pro-German. I haven’t found uniting India to be that great a priority, though I could always try.

The largest factions in the Chinese part of the world is Allgemeinschafte Ostasien, a German puppet and pretty much one big corporation. The Chinese Empire (represented in the game as the Qing Empire), has a precarious position, and has only two more IC (Industrial Capacity) than Allgostasien.

Japan is one of the countries which has benefitted the most in this alternate timeline. They’re just as hungry for expansion as in our timeline, and wishes to expand in the Pacific. They have two puppets, Manchuria and Transamur (that white country which has Vladivostok).

Lastly, we have the Australasian Confederation, which are our pals. They seem to be suspectible to a Pro-German coup in some games though, so we shall keep an eye on them.


3 Responses to “Kaiserreich: Canada in the Second Weltkrieg Index”

  1. Oskar Jansson Says:

    Länken till åttonde uppdateringen är fel. Jag såg att datumet inte stämmer i länken, man kommer fram till en sida där man får error 404 – not found.
    För övrigt så verkar det här spelet coolt och det är väldigt underhållande att läsa de här blogginläggen 🙂

  2. procrastinationembodied Says:

    Tack för påpekandet, det ska jag fixa.

    Och tack för att du gillar blogginläggen. =)

  3. lknowledge Says:

    I knew of that before, but what an interesting timeline this proposes. I could see it being in hollywood before long, with a cast of thousands at it’s heels!

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