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Bad Translator

September 8, 2010

I discovered Bad Translator today, and if there is one thing I love it is this crazy abuse of Google Translate. I have spent many a moment experimenting with different phrases in Google Translate. Winston Churchill has been my favourite person to get text from, we’ll start out with him:

“It took three attempts before he passed the entrance exam; he applied for cavalry rather than infantry because the grade requirement was lower and did not require him to learn mathematics, which he disliked.”


“Record at least three feet need blood mat, please”.

“We in this country are the firm supporters of a free Press. A free Press is a natural and healthy feature in national life, so long as you have also a free Parliament and a free platform.”


“Bulgarian hard on Protection of freedom of speech. Low life, freedom of expression, freedom of association and the conference is not necessary.” (Those silly Bulgarians :p )

Karl Marx:

“The human being is in the most literal sense a political animal, not merely a gregarious animal, but an animal which can individuate itself only in the midst of society.”


“Animal right in the company of animal health.”

King Harkinian:

“My boy, this peace is what all true warriors strive for!”




“We have nothing to fear; except perhaps that the sky may fall on our heads tomorrow. But as we all know, tomorrow never comes!”


“I feel in my head. But I know that tomorrow here.” (Hangover? :p )

August Strindberg:

“To fight trolls, save princesses and slay werewolves, that is life.”


“Prince will fight to protect life wolf management.”


“Squadala, we are off!”


“Team in in November”


“That’s Mama Luigi to you, Mario!”


“Marino and mamaroyji?”

Gunnar Sträng:

“I don’t use foreign words when there is adequate Swedish vocabulary.”


“In Sweden, not just words.”

Gunnar Sträng again:

“Ladies and gentlemen, leave it to me.”


“What is my favorite season.” (though I saw “Ladies and gentlemen, I want to eat” at one point)

George Orwell:

“Each generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.”


“Intel, Three Kings).”

Chinese Proverb:

“When the tree falls, the monkeys scatter.”


“In case of rain, Surrounded by Monkeys.”

Flying Slig:

“Promotion, here I come!”


“The problem here!”

SoulStorm Brew™ motto:

“One is too much, a million is too little.”


“Only $ 1.”

Terry Pratchett:

“That seems to point up a significant difference between Europeans and Americans. A European says: “I can’t understand this, what’s wrong with me?” An American says: “I can’t understand this, what’s wrong with him?””


“The difference between Europe and America. Europe says: “I do not know? Turkey, said:” I can not even imagine what you are saying?”

Terry Pratchett again:

“Five exclamation marks, the sure sign of an insane mind.”


“Weak on Friday with symptoms associated”

Göran Persson:

“Politics is like women: it could be necessary to change partners now and again.”


“Unyons, politicians and women all the time.”