Pokémon Emerald Update #13

When we last left our (anti-)hero, he had just defeated Maxie and his goons yet again, narrowly averting disaster (for Maxie). He fell in love with the sea, and spent some time on the open sea, battling sea monsters, catching his own fish and barbequeing them under the open night sky. One evening his entire boat burned to the ground, or to the sea as it happens, because that’s what eventually tends to happen when having a fire on a ship. He thus decided to continue with his journey. Plus, the Tentacool and Tentacruel were starting to wear him down.

And there’s these diving spots all around it. I wonder if…

Bingo. A volcanic crater filled with water is as good a place as any for a city, I guess.

Sootopolis City – A place full of Mauvillians.

I think the girl’s parents failed in that regard.

Never say no to berries, no matter the lunacy of the giver.

Not only does Brick Break have 75 power and 100% accuracy, it also breaks Reflect or Light Screen. A freakin’ sweet move, and the strongest readily available Generation III Fighting move with 100% accuracy. (Cross Chop has 100 power, but only 80% accuracy and 5 PP)

Henny: “Then open it.”
Mental Inner Voice: “No can do.”

“‘He’s got appeal with a Double-Edge’? What does that even mean?”

Looks as though Gamefreak were desperate to throw in a Move Tutor.

What lies beneath these palms? Alas, I may never know.

“I don’t see anybody else here.”

“Well, I can’t say no to that.”

And then the only sane man in town told me to leave, as he wasn’t a Mauvillian and thus not generous.

My intution tells me there’s something plot-related around here…

Bingo again.

They just swum up to the surface while the submarine was still in the water? Ignoring the problems that’s going to cause, how are they planning to get it working again?

Seafloor Cavern – A proper Zubat cave.
Zubat – Very Common
Golbat – Uncommon

Nothing is more fun than solving puzzles involving currents.

Well, ‘cept solving a puzzle involving boulders and then making that moot.

And after a brilliant boulder puzzle solving, I am finally ready to enter the very deepest part of the cavern…

Earthquake does 100 power, has 100% accuracy and 10 PP, and a crapton of mons learns it. It has given great power to the Ground type since Generation I.

He says it’s sleeping, but I fear it might spring up and attack at any moment.

No further red arrows probably means a battle with Archie, a rather precarious position to be in should the beast attack. Oh crap…

Nosepass still has two left.

And then Archie’s Red Orb starts to glow, apparently all by itself.


“Oh. That’s a bummer.”

“Maybe. Just maybe.”

*passive-aggressively stares at Maxie, telling him all he needs to know about just how hypocritical he is*

I get the feeling it will invariably be up to me.

“Just where the hell did you come from? O.o”


“Would you count getting Briney to build a big-ass ship capable of housing two of every Pokémon as ‘reckless’?”

Back in Sootopolis, the two big beasts are having some sort of fight.

It doesn’t look like they’re hurting each other. Maybe they’re simply hurling expletives at each other? Maybe they’re having a rap battle?

I find Maxie and Archie lined up along the beach, both of them desperately trying to gather the attention of the two combatants/rappers. Needless to say, completely ineffective. I would really like to kill both of these useless, irritating Team leaders right this minute, but I’ve got more pressing business.

Maybe Steven knows what to do.

“I ain’t worried. I’ve got Tentacruel.”

This seems like a good time for a cliffhanger.


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