Populous Update #12

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I decided not to crop the images this time around to see whether it’s better or not. If you prefered it as it used to be, drop a comment.

“An Easy Prey”. America is trying to take the first, struggling steps in the world, but the premier powers of Britain, France and Spain watch it jealously when they’re not busy fighting each other.

We’re apparently the easy prey, though the Spanish seem more at the center of the map. Note the many buildings and followers the enemies already have.

The space in our settlement is not very large, and the terrain is not the most desireable. Try not to build Huts on trees.

The soft Spanish fall for the old “Preacher Rush” trick yet again.

And now we get our dirty hands on the last and smallest building in the game; the Spy Hut.

The fall of a civilization pleases the Shaman as usual.

To keep the Frenchies on their toes, an invisible Preacher is sent out (it’s like the Flying Dutchman, only smaller and more spiritual).

His days as a missionary has a less than brilliant start.

The British, the biggest foes, make a bridge to the former Spanish base, where we’ve started to build stuff.

The Spy has a bad rap for being useless, which is frankly undeserved. When used correctly they sure can cause some havoc within enemy ranks.

Not my small Hut! Darn you Brits! 😥

They have no pity for my poor hard-working Braves.

These Outposts are major annoyments. The crack Firewarriors perched on the hill means it’s a bother trying to conquer it, and their Braves are obsessed about rebuilding them.

The Spy knows what to do with problematic Outposts, though.

And when I mean obsessed Braves, I mean it.

The Spy continues his lovely little game.

These Outposts really are a pest.

Oops. So end the days of the master Spy.

Angered, I send the army in.

I’m not entirely sure how the Shaman died. She just sort of died.

This leaves my army at the mercy of the enemy Shaman.

Darn those flippin’ Outposts. Some Marsh could perhaps inconvenience them a bit.

That looks a bit worrying. I wonder where they’re heading.

Well, that wasn’t very troubling.

Curses! Another Hut bites the dust.

Not even the house of God is given a respite.

My Preachers have engaged in some sort of theological discussion with the British Preachers. My Firewarriors are called in to act as quite partial moderators.

I decide to launch a half-baked attack, just to spite them.

Looks like the French are ready to sign the surrender documents.

The British are late for the party.

My Shaman, who really is a one-woman army, invest in a different direction of advancement.

This is surely the best raid ever.

I am most diabolical.

Finally, it’s time for the big push.

It’s a shame having all those Boats going to waste. Precious wood.

The British Shaman is showing off her Kung-Fu, but my Warriors are not impressed.

Just a few foes remain. Will they be able to turn the tables in their favour?



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