Populous Update #11

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America’s mighty military is poised to destroy the Iraqi one, but there are dissents at home to take care of.

The Iraqi are seperated by sea, with an island inbetween. Two lanbridges are needed. The hippies are on the same continent, but far away. The geography is quite uneven and unsuitable for building.

We’ve persevered with only knowing six spells so far, but now we can get our hands on two new spells which are quite useful. Swamp covers a tile of land. If an an enemy unit walks in it, he’s dead, with up to a total of 15 kills. Good for fortification. Hypnosis converts enemy followers for a temporary amount of time. Can easily halt a large enemy advance. Notice that there are ways to go around the temporary nature; sending a hypnotized follower into a hut to train will make him your own when he emerges again. You can also place hypnotized Warriors close to a Preacher.

I start construction of a Temple and a couple of Huts, the plan is to do a delayed Preacher rush on the Iraqi.

That’s one landbridge finished…

Meanwhile, a Preacher in an Outpost near the hippie encampment should slow ’em down a bit.

They’re constructing stuff. *looks at mana bar* Load already!

Ah, finally. This’ll be fun.

Successfully pulling off a Preacher rush on a map with two enemies should get me enough Braves to finish off the second enemy as well.

They are slow but persistent builders. We should see enemy units coming out soon.

Hypnosis is so goddarn cool, I go for it first.

And so the Iraqi got a much better life under their new American masters.

Delicious Braves. Manpower for my army.

Our Outpost sees some ruckus, and a smelly Preacher slipping past our defences.

I hear bells ringing. The hippies launch a proper attack on our noble American values.

My Shaman carefully blasting out their Preachers leave them splittered and prone to propaganda, though.

And now we’re about to give them a striking argument.

The enemy Shaman does her patented Fireball-everything-which-moves trick.

Well, she’s a one trick pony.



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