Populous Update #9

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I don’t remember the original English name, but “Fire in the Fog” is a fairly cool name.

The Pacific 1941. American opinion regarding war with Japanese have started to turn, but the country is still not at war with them.

The Americans and Japanese are shown as being on two continents, but they will be linked together soon. Inbetween the two camps there is also an island with a very lucrative spell, we’ll need boats to get there, though. Note that this is the first level with fog of war.

The standard setup with building Huts and converting Natives. Space is fairly limited, though.

The Japanese begging Chicken Itza for favours? I am not pleased. -_-

Our Shaman takes on the role as an explorer, and explores the ridge to our south. Here’s where all the Natives are hiding.

A few newly converted Braves get going on worshipping the Stone Head. Also, notice the quantity of wood, it’s a lot more than in your starting position.

Tornado. Always fun to use.

The enemy builds Outposts all over the place. I’m now also north of my base.

The pass northwest of my base is the only direct land route to my or their base. I don’t wish to be boxed in, so a few Braves gets going on trying to push them out with Outposts of their own.

Unfortunately, it fails.

Trying to get some more room to roam, the Shaman landbridges some more space. I’m also now trying to get some military production up and going as a response to the failure in the pass.

A common side-effect when doing this.

A rag-tag army sets out to trying to conquer the darn pass.

*facepalms* He trapped himself somehow. Now he’ll stand like that ’til he gets dizzy and dies.

The Japanese launches a surprise attack! This can’t be good…

“PATATAMPKA!” That’s a new spell. And suddenly the ground is shaking.

This isn’t good. D:

Those tootin’ Japanese! >.<


The Shaman gets to join my dead Braves temporarily. Let’s make her join them permanently.

On a brighter note, we’ve established control over the pass. And I spot a Boat there…

A Firewarrior does some scouting of the Japanese coastline. Once explored, the fog of war is gone. Also, notice that cool building, a Boat House, in which Boats can be constructed.

At the right edges of the map, you can see the Boat loading up.

Those Japanese Boats look like they’re up to no good…

Hohoho. I emptied four Boats in total with my Swarm spells. A note on using Boats: Using them for mass invasions is not a particularly good idea. If you have, say, and army of 80 you would need 16 Boats. A Boat Hut costs only three wood to build, but each Boat costs six wood. That’s 99 wood you have to gather. Loading and unloading all those followers is quite tricky as well. Also, as you can see here, it is a vulnerable position they’re in.

Experiments on atolls in the Pacific has yielded a new frightening weapon.

“Guys! Where you going?”

I sacrifice a Warrior to try to see the most advantageous site to strike…


The Preacher survives somehow.

I misplaced the last few screenshots somehow. I shouldn’t do this at 1 AM. O.o What I can remember is that I hit the Preacher with a Thunderbolt and I finally completed the level in 31 minutes.


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