Populous Update #10

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We enter the darkest chapter in human history: The Holocaust

Our synagogue was destroyed! And lots more is killed or ruined. Who is behind this?

I do believe it’s Hitler himself sitting there in his Outpost casting Erosion spells. (How does he recharge them so fast, anyway?)

Luckily we have a Boat we can use. Four Preachers and the Shaman head for it.

This is horrible. Hitler…! <_<

We can hardly charge the enemy head on, so we strike at their Outpost on this island. They’re guarding a Chicken Itza for some reason.

I hope it’s not a selfdestruct button or something. What the hell, we have no other choice.

Awesomeness! ^_^

Don’t ask me how the Natives survived.

We have no need for anything else but our four Preachers, but we could use some mana to hurry the process.

The always so cool Invisibility spell sees some use.

The beach is full of German snipers and fortifications. It’s no joke landing here.

Two Preachers get the Firewarriors, one Preachers get the Warriors and the last Preacher sails back to pick up the Shaman who couldn’t come due to her lack of Invisibility.

Hitler appears to have escaped…

The Führer is most definitely dead.

And so is Nazi Germany. What a deliciously ironic level.

He is really dedicated.

But now he’s dead.


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