Populous Update #8

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The Epic and Fun Way To Beat This Level

I think I’ve just about outdone myself. 46 images!

We have gathered here for the Battle of Little Bighorn. We shall forcefully have to coerce the Native Americans back to their reservations.

This is a quite big map. We start out in a valley of sorts. We’re flanked by ridges and water. The small pass north of our reincarnation circle is a hot spot, were the enemy will stage their attacks. Due to the nature of the map there are many directions from which you can attack, and be attacked from. Keep in mind that the Native Americans start out with Warriors.

We start with building Huts in a nice semi-circle.

Our building spree prescribes several spots of expansion.

Go for the juiciest Native spots first.

A strategically important Outpost is built here.

As you can see, I prefer lots of Huts who are not fully occupied, along with a few full ones. Once those few mature, they’ll be able to churn out Braves, and the crapton of Huts means there is a population limit to match.

Landbridges ain’t just for making bridges across water, but across land as well. The new ridge functions as a wall.

Meanwhile, the Native Americans have started to build Firewarriors/Throwing Axemen. The Firewarrior hurls miniature Fireballs at’cha. Shamans, Braves, Spies and other Firewarriors will “jump” a bit at impact, Warriors and Preachers keep it cool, though. Quite deadly when enoying large numbers and/or being able to fire from above.

She seems to be launching an attack.

There is no doubt that it is so. (My wall!)

One of the disadvantages of attacking someone who is favoured by altitude.

Further oddity to our little ridge~

At one point during the battle, Custer used a special way in the mountains to infiltrate the Native American encampment.

The plan was to steal war plans. A small skirmish broke out, however.

Finally we can build those supremely awesome units as well.

Just as my Shaman’s leaving, however, the enemy sets out to strike. And we have no military units yet. This could mean problem.

Not my precious ridge again! Look at the minimap in the upper left corner to see how far away my Shaman is.

Just ignore me trying to get my military off my feet. Good AI.

I tried to offer surrender to the stray Firewarrior, but my patriotic American citizens are just that concerned with taking matters of intruders into their own hands.

The Shaman got away somehow, though.

No peace for the wicked.

Another attack? Though incompetent, the enemy has some spine.

But they’re mostly incompetent.

Firewarriors are quite potent with a population as large as mine.

A LOT of Landbridge spells later (remember what I mentioned about using them en masse?), we have an elevated path into their defense frontier. Once that is breached, we have an elevated position above their main settlement.

Time for showing off the Invisibility spell, just to show off and give the enemy some idea how irritating raids are.

It doesn’t work out all too well.

Whenever her Braves fail, the poor Shaman has to help them out. Just like Italy and Germany.

Spurred by current events, Americans enlist in great numbers to aid in our campaign.

A stray enemy unit is nice enough to let us demonstrate how deadly Firewarriors can be.

He flew out of the screen. And it took some before he came down again.

61-61-44. This is going to be fun.


It’s quite hard to direct large amounts of units, and rather easy to disperse them. A single Thunderbolt can ruin your army’s day with quite some ease.




The newly constructed bridge led to an economical boom.

The Quick and Lame Way To Beat This Level

1. Build Preachers.

2. ????



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