Populous Update #7

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The Mexicans are on the warpath again. This time, they intend to subvert us internally through immigration. They are skilled in crossing the border without notice. We have to stop them!

Both us and the Mexicans start out on two small and narrow peninsulas. Like the previous mission, there are two continents with a sound inbetween them. The Stone Head contains Erosion, a spell which is required should you want to get your hands on a new spell, Invisibility.

Our little peninsula is inaquedate for getting a proper base up quickly, so an Outpost is constructed more inland.

There is only so many Natives you can get your hands on before they become extinct, so get those Convert spells out and bring ’em some civilization.

Not the best place to put the outpost, in retrospect…

A highway between Texas and Mexico was built.

Once they get some Preachers out, the Shaman will cast Invisibility on them and they will be able to do some serious damage on your populace.

This calls for some Preachers of our own.

The current situation. Notice that they’re building a Warrior Hut as well, as am I.

We might all start to speak Spanish soon! What do we do?

Shaman uses Thunderbolt. It’s super effective!

The Mexican settlement fell like a house of cards at that point forward.

Let’s take a look at this Erosion spell…

The Mexican Shaman sure is pissed. Her reign of evil collapses around her. What course of action is she going to follow?

What you see here is two Shamans simultaneously hitting each other with Thunderbolts. Both died.

Grr. Getting hit by a Thunderbolt and then drowning is not a pleasant experience, that’s for sure. But at least we have this Erosion spell right now. Let’s see…

What the Erosion spell does is to lower the ground. Pretty cool, eh?

And they ran out of followers at that point.

America, a country built upon immigration, has successfully hindered immigration!


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