Populous Update #6

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“Building bridges”. Considering only 1-3 Landbridge are used in this level, I wonder whether this level is worthy of that name compared to certain other levels in the game. Though I guess the level under a different name would still be the same, this period of rhyming I consider lame.

We need to colonize for Philippines, who happens to be in the possession of Spain, to expand our economical base. As we’ve been a colony as well it might seem somewhat hypocritical, but there’s a difference. We’re America. So we get to do these things. Anyway, there’s also a Native American settlement we need to take care of.

We’re stuck on one of two continents, who are seperated by a sound. We share one continent with the Native Americans and the Spanish have a continent for themselves. The Native Americans would seem like the natural first victims.

The standard build-a-crapton-of-Huts strategy applies. We’ll need ’em.

This level is unusual for giving access to the economical spells of Convert and, to a lesser extent, Landbridge. Stuff like Earthquake is cool, but the basic spell Convert is one of the three ways you can get Braves (the other two being Huts and converting enemy Braves). It’s crucial for getting your settlement up to size. Landbridge is more indirect and versatile in its uses. While obviously giving access to other places across water, it can also create ridges. Used en massé it can have quite curious and useful effects.

As shown.

I’m doing a delayed Preacher rush. The key is to get some Huts up and going but still be able to get Preachers in their town before the enemy get too many Preachers of their own.

As you can see, the enemy has started construction of a temple.

Some divine intervention stops their futile plans.

A local plague delayed the Native American mobilization.

Get to their base, pronto!

I’ve set up a small settlement on the hill, directly west of enemy camp. The enemy Shaman is not amused.

Success! There’s not much pointing towards the survival of the Native Americans, now.

While attracting quite a large bunch of Braves, the Preacher has the bad fortune of standing in a reincarnation circle. Next time the enemy Shaman respawns he will catch fire and run away.

Speaking of which…

Having run out of followers, the Warrior by the Chicken Itza sink into the sea. If we had the Hypnosis spell we could’ve been able to make him pray at it. I thought the Stone Head directly east of my reincarnation circle had it, but it had Swamp instead. Ah well.

Shortly afterwards, the Spaniards solve our little Landbridge problem…

Nine out of ten doctors advise not to clump followers together and cross a narrow bridge when there are enemy Shamans around. The tenth doctor has mental problems. As a side note, the Thunderbolt is far superior to the Fireball in reach and damage. Especially Warriors have a tough time going down by Fireballs. With proper aim, a Fireball can inflict major damage on a force crossing a Landbridge when surrounded by water, though.

The enemy Shaman put my extremely strategically important Small Hut on fire. Whatever will I do?

We have a significant force at our disposal, and will use it to exterminate enemy presence.

Sneaking into enemy camp, my Shaman is able to neutralize their Shaman.

Go, my noble Warriors! For America!

The “liberation” of the Philippines caused further prestige for America and greater stability.


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