Populous Update #5

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I guess this is the last mission in this solar system… planet system?

Intelligence reports the Soviet Union is about to plant robot missiles in Cuba. This would greatly threaten American security. We have established a plan of action.

Let’s investigate our starting position. We’ve got four Warriors. The Totem Pole requires six peeps in total to, er, load it up at optimal speed. The Stone Head is easier to appease as it only needs one. There’s an Outpost which puts you in position to influence the island north of it in some way.

We’ve already got three Swarm spells, so Thunderbolt (which is the name for the spell I will use from now on, as “Lightning” is just not as cool, plus Thunderbolt is the best Electric attack in Pokémon) will be prioritized.

We’ve got fifteen minutes (or technically about five seconds more) to complete this mission. The Shaman takes position in the Outpost whilst the Warriors head for the Stone Head.

These newly converted Braves will pray at the Totem Pole and see what happens.

“De gamle”? That’s not grammatically correct. Anyway, a boat pops out of nowhere.

Chicken Itza, the giant cock god of climate change and fertility, is in an extra grumpy mood today.

An army is hastily assembled.

This Stone Head yields two Landbridge spells. Hmm…

A part of the army follows the Shaman as we make a probing attack.

The attack goes so-so. At least it works as a distraction.

By using the Landbridge spells, the Shaman has found a way into the very heart of Cuba…

Beachhead established. Bombing may begin.

You gotta admit that looks badass.

Fidel Castro gets a bit of a bite in the butt.

The Angel of Death sure is awesome. Will be quite a while since we see him/her/it again, though.

Alternative way of completing level.

1. Get the Shaman on the boat.

2. Land right next to the statue using Swarm(s) as cover.

3. Declare victory.

Brave 1: “We’ve been here for one month now.”
Brave 2: “The Shaman will come back for us.”
Brave 1: “But what if she don’t?”
Brave 2: “Um… the Shaman will come back for us.”
*awkward silence*
Brave 1: *eyes Brave 2 hungrily*
Brave 2: *uneasily fingers knife*


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