Populous Update #4

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France and her Indian allies are an enemy of the British crown, and thus by extension of the American conlonies themselves. For the time being, at least. It’s time to penetrate the French heartland and drive them out of North America for good.

The terrain has large lakes and ridges, making building not as easy a job.

We’ve only got one area to build a hut, we won’t be able to build anymore after that. Hmm. What to do? Also, notice the Native. What the hell is he eating? It’s a pine tree!

The Pyramid of Knowledge near our base seems to have the answer to our building problems.

From the Stone Head we are also granted Convert, which, well, converts Natives. They get nice blue pants and a shave. Not sure about the haircut, though.

America was able to get some of the Indians on their side.

An Outpost can be built anywhere, so you can start a new settlement. We’re going to need some Preachers and Warriors.

The population cap is well below our actual number. Build, build, build, for America!

I build three Preachers and four Warriors. In retrospect, four Preachers three Warriors would’ve been slightly better, but oh well.

After a few skirmishes, frontier outposts were set up along the borders of French territory.

We now have the Lightning spell. It has way more reach and damage than a Fireball, and can damage buildings. It kills an enemy Shaman in one hit.

The enemy is now neatly boxed in. I think I could pretty much defeat them at this point, but that’s no fun is it? Also, notice the increased number of Huts.

Such cheek! We’re going to have to do some divine intervention.

The desertion rate was high on both sides in this small skirmish.

Residing in an outpost gives greater aim. Unfortunately the Temple is just out of reach. Notice my Warriors showing their respect.

A cluster of enemy Braves gets to taste my Lightning, with hilarious effects.

Back home, war production is in full swing.

We’ve got 50 Warriors and 22 Preachers, along with 70 Braves, 142 followers in all. Keep in mind that 199 is the absolute maximum of followers you can have.

The largest part of the army attacks the French from this direction, concentrating them at the church.

A much smaller force goes here, as a pincer manouver.

Clumping your followers together isn’t always the best strategy, as this image demonstrates.

This scene fills me with such happiness.

I can’t believe I had trouble with this level as a child.


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