Populous Update #3

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More than usual Natives spawn in our reincarnation circle, which means I’ve got 12 Braves at the start.

We’re in the state of Texas. Mexico believes Texas as part of their country, but Texas has rebelled from them. Now Mexico has declared war, and we’re going to have to invade them. And to further underline Texan independence, we should of course annex Texas.

If only there was a way to reach that Pyramid of Knowledge without wading through enemy camp. Also, notice the concentration of Natives in Mexico. The enemy Shaman can convert them.

The 12 Braves build three Huts.

The Shaman/General convinces the gods to transform the landscape/congress to send a mountaineer division.

Meanwhile, the enemy is gearing up for war.

Our military strategists warn that a propaganda campaign from their side might foment dissent among our slaves.

A Preacher has taken up position in the mountain pass. Approach them with your Braves or Warriors and they will sit down and listen to their false beliefs until they are either converted or one of your Preachers interrupt their little sermon. We shall deal with him later.

We can now build Temple Huts. Oooh.

Our spies in Mexico, however, have gathered some footage of the enemy, and by manipulating these pictures we should be able to summon a frightening view of the enemy. We call it “El Tingelingo“, which should make our soldiers think that should they be taken prisoners they will be either murdered, raped or both, by trigger-happy sex maniacs.

Eight Braves start building a Temple, the remainder should stay in the Huts to help out with Mana.

A Fireball “neutralizes” the enemy Preacher. This can’t end well. Look, he’s even praying.


Aspiring preachers are lining up. The idea is to get a Preacher in enemy camp as soon as possible. Also, notice that one of the Huts have been upgraded to a Medium Hut. Our population cap has become higher than our actual population, so the Huts can produce new Braves.

Our “El Tingelingo” campaign has made our soldiers impervious to enemy propaganda.

We get the enemy Shaman out of the way in an amusing manner.

The bitch counter-attacked! Notice our Preachers starting to convert the enemy Braves.

Uh-oh, our Shaman is in a tricky situation. She won’t tolerate much more beating. Some spells should save her, though.

*a couple of confusing seconds later*

I have twice the number of Braves I started out with, even though I only built three (four) Huts and trained eight Preachers and didn’t convert any Natives. Attacking a tribe without Preachers using only Preachers tends to lead to an increased population, but with not as much population growth later as you have few Huts. Remember that in later missions.

Destroy Mexico! For America!

Our armies are on the verge of destroying the enemy completely.

Forces in Texas are gathering for one final push.

Mexico should know better than to mess with America.


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