Populous Update #2

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Let us guide Cortez in his aims of destroying the Aztec empire. We have gotten the coordinates of the capital, Tenochtitlan, and we are ready to besiege it.

Four of the initial eight Braves get into the Medium Hut, while the four other ones begin construction of two new Huts.

Meanwhile, the Shaman begins praying at the totem pole in hopes of… something.

Much of the Aztec empire’s fall was attributed to the enemies within which allied with the Spaniards.

Well, I’ll be damned! Totem poles yield stuff like terrain changes or vehicles. Nifty little things.

An overlooking view of the globe. There’s only one way forward.

Tenochtitlan was grander than many cities in Europe at the time.

The Shaman and one Brave begin praying at the Stone Head while the rest of the unemployed Braves begin to build a Warrior Hut.

The Huts have reached the maximum growth of Braves, and I don’t need any Mana towards spells, so it’s about time we mobilize. 18 Braves shall enlist.

Note the Warrior in the upper left corner. Let’s see where he lands.

Hurricanes are a constant danger for countries around the Mexican Gulf.

Jesus, that’s unlucky.

With a massive roar, the Spaniards close upon the helpless Aztecs.

By pressing G, you can make followers guard your Shaman. Quite useful. Also, we now have the Swarm spell, whose effects we will witness shortly.

Only the second mission, and already the trademark madness. Ah, Populous.

Faced with an army of Warriors heading straight for the Shaman tower, the AI chooses to try to ward off the Warriors smashing the already damaged Warrior Hut.

Note the Native who had been standing there the whole time.

Woohoo! Now we are free to colonize the New World.

And that was the end of Aztec civilization…


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