Populous Update #1

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Here is the solar system, which one can navigate through should one wish to replay a level. As we’ve started a new game there’s only one level to choose, which happens to be the very first level. Also, notice the Swedish. That was just too awesome to pass up on, and I think it creates an air in which the original storyplay is not as apparent.

Here’s the starting position. I have two huts and eight braves, two of them being born out of the huts in the very beginning. I occupy the huts and get the remaining two braves started on a third hut.

In Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs and Steel, we get to know why the Europeans dominated the world and not, say, the people living in the Americas.

The shaman worships at the stone head, yielding the Landbridge spells. This stone head can be worshipped at an infinite number of times, but the vast majority of stone heads only yield a limited number of spells.

The people in Eurasia had more crops to grow and animal breeds to raise.

Having had some experience with seafaring, the Portuguese pioneered colonization and astronomy.

A Fireball quickly deals with an enemy Brave. All units are exceptionally bad swimmers.

The political fragmentation in Europe made for constant warring and competition.

Stuff you learn in the Pyramid of Knowledge gets stuck with you forever. This particular pyramid gives us the ability to build a Warrior Hut, which in turn can train Warriors. They have attack and defense uncomparable to other units, but are limited in other ways.

This lead to faster technological progress.

Time for mobilization. By shift-clicking on the Brave icon in the toolbar, I select all of them and get them to build a Warrior Hut.

With the news of the discovery of the New World, opportunists like Cortez and Pizarro were eager.

And by using the Ctlr button, I get them to move to the island when they’re finished training. How convenient!

Time to strike at the unsuspecting Native Americans.

Both Cortez and Pizarro were quick to strike at the political power in the Aztec and Inca empires.

The Shaman has no difficulty killing single Braves, Priests and Spies. Quite useful in a pinch.

The diseases which the Europeans had become resistant to over the years wreaked havoc upon the Native Americans, who had no such immunity.

Victory! If you fail at this level, well, maybe this game isn’t for you. Or any other video games, for that matter.

The audacity with which the Native American civilizations were destroyed is stunning.


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