Pokémon Emerald Update #11

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I looked at the top searches for this blog this morning, and noticed the following:

can tentacool use spark?


Anywho, when we last left off Team Magma Hideout had been, er, disbanded due to a combination of Maxie failing to get the right Orb (the ancient Pokémon Groudon then flying away despite the fact that the hideout was under sturdy rock and Groudon is about as aeronautical as a tank), and the whole army of Magma goons being defeated by a single kid, I mean vertically challenged young man. Let’s see if we can’t tango with Team Aqua as well.

That annoying bitch was in my way yet again. If I kill her Pokémon she might step aside.

She uses Screech, which lowers Defense, and then Leaf Blade, a Special Attack? Doesn’t make much sense…

Uh yeah, that was her last battle. She didn’t even fully evolve her starter! The rival in Hoenn is disappointing as hell.

A list of all the items which can be bought in Lilycove Department Store would be too long, distracting and primarily too much work for me, so have a gander at the Bulbapedia page.

What really bothers me is that they call it “loto”. It’s called lotto, FFS.

This guy gives me TM44 Rest as a reward for disturbing his rest. A Mauvillian, me thinks.

I wonder who the hell drops all these things.

My item bag was so overflowing at this point I had to store about 30 items in the PC.

The über secret hideout everyone in town talks about.


1.any of various portable devices for raising or lifting heavy objects short heights, using various mechanical, pneumatic, or hydraulic methods.
2.Also called knave. Cards. a playing card bearing the picture of a soldier or servant.
3.Electricity. a connecting device in an electrical circuit designed for the insertion of a plug.
4.(initial capital letter) Informal. fellow; buddy; man (usually used in addressing a stranger): Hey, Jack, which way to Jersey?
5.Also called jackstone. Games.
a.one of a set of small metal objects having six prongs, used in the game of jacks.
b.one of any other set of objects, as pebbles, stones, etc., used in the game of jacks.
c.jacks, (used with a singular verb) a children’s game in which small metal objects, stones, pebbles, or the like, are tossed, caught, and moved on the ground in a number of prescribed ways, usually while bouncing a rubber ball.
6.any of several carangid fishes, esp. of the genus Caranx, as C. hippos (crevalle jack or jack crevalle), of the western Atlantic Ocean.
7.Slang. money: He won a lot of jack at the races.
8.Slang: Vulgar.. jack shit.
a.a small flag flown at the jack staff of a ship, bearing a distinctive design usually symbolizing the nationality of the vessel.
b.Also called jack crosstree. either of a pair of crosstrees at the head of a topgallant mast, used to hold royal shrouds away from the mast.
10.(initial capital letter) a sailor.
11.a lumberjack.
13.jack rabbit.
14.a jackass.
16.a device for turning a spit.
17.a small wooden rod in the mechanism of a harpsichord, spinet, or virginal that rises when the key is depressed and causes the attached plectrum to strike the string.
18.Lawn Bowling. a small, usually white bowl or ball used as a mark for the bowlers to aim at.
19.Also called clock jack. Horology. a mechanical figure that strikes a clock bell.
20.a premigratory young male salmon.
21.Theater. brace jack.
22.Falconry. the male of a kestrel, hobby, or esp. of a merlin.
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26.to jacklight.
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27.to jacklight.
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30.every man jack, everyone without exception: They presented a formidable opposition, every man jack of them.

Fudge, I forgot about that. I better go to Slateport, as that’s the only place except this city which has a harbour.

Capt. Stern is having an interview with what appears to be the only TV crew in Hoenn.

“My secret is Maybelline.”

Archie. I’d recognize that voice anywhere.

They’re very smooth and discrete, these guys.

They jump into a submarine which is under water, which then quickly leaves. Just how the hell does that work? Won’t there come a lot of water into the submarine as they enter it?

This room contains two Electrode, one Nugget and one Master Ball.

“Good to hear you’re not stalling for time. I meet so many unserious challengers these days…

*battles commences*

Sigh, it turns out he was just stalling for time after all.

All right, enough of this plot-related crap. We’re heading for the open sea!

Så länge skutan kan gå,
Så länge hjärtat kan slå,
Så länge solen den glittrar på böljarna blå.
Om blott en dag eller två,
Så håll till godo ändå,
För det finns många som aldrig en djup glimt kan få.

Here you can get evolutionary stones for shards.

Blue Shard – Water Stone
Yellow Shard – Thunder Stone
Red Shard – Fire Stone
Green Shard – Leaf Stone

Shards can be found underwater and on the following wild Pokémon:

Blue Shard – Relicanth
Yellow Shard – Chinchou
Red Shard – Corsola
Green Shard – Relicanth

Finally in Mossdeep City. Needing to propagate for something so basic, one must question their morals.

His whole body is scarred. It is quite obvious he has been harmed by Tentacruel’s Acid. I decided to play it safe and answer “A Secret Base on Route 119? I’ve never heard of such a thing! *nervous giggle*”

“Boy, do I! *squeals*”

“*snf* You’re a big meanie. :(“

Aside from a slightly raised critical hit ratio, King’s Rock makes Slowbro evolve to Slowking and Poliwhirl to Politoed when traded, but we don’t have either of them in this game and we can’t trade, so…


This Scott person was all awesome in general and then promptly left. ❤

Johnny Foreigner might be onto something. Let’s have a look…

*monocle pop*

Staryu/Starmie: 520 average base stats is greater than even our dear Tentacruel. Pretty decent in all stats, it has 100 Special Attack and 115 Speed. It fits quite well into the blitzkrieg doctrine. It also has such an awesome moveset, being able to learn Surf, Ice Beam, Psychic and Thunderbolt. Just point out something you want to kill, and it’ll sweep. Very beloved/hated withing competitive battling. It would be great idea to pick it up, unless your team already has it covered. Natural Cure is far, far better than Illuminate. (Water, Psychic; Natural Cure, Illuminate)
S – Tackle
S – Harden
6 – Water Gun
10 – Rapid Spin
15 – Recover
19 – Camouflage
24 – Swift
28 – Bubblebeam
33 – Minimize
37 – Light Screen
42 – Cosmic Power
46 – Hydro Pump


Psychic-type Pokémon, you say? How fortunate I picked up Cacturne.

I got stuck on this gym a lot when I was younger playing Ruby and Sapphire, and they’ve raised the bar in Emerald. They’re not going to go down easily.

Henny: You are some…
Tentacruel: Tentacruel. (Scary motherf*ckers.)
Henny: But as to the question…
Tentacruel: Cruel, Tenta. (As to whether we can defeat you or not.)
Henny: YES WE…
Tentacruel: CRUEL! (CAN!)

The two twins have a level 41 Xatu, a level 41 Claydol, a level 42 Lunatone and a level 42 Solrock.

This seems like a good setup. 3 out of 4 Pokémon are allergic to Water.

[expletive removed]! Er, pretend that never happened. Dx

This might be a nice trick to use…

*several defeats later*

Ah screw it, I’ll go level them up some and then come back.

Needle Arm, a 60 power Grass move, complements Faint Attack perfectly.

All right, gym leader battle take two!

How’d you like THEM apples?

Tate & Liza uses an absurd amount of Hyper Portions before Claydol finally kicks the bucket. Victory!

Deep sea adventures and more nails in the Team Aqua and Magma coffin in the next update. 🙂

(Only one Pokémon detailed? I’ve started to run out of them…)


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