Pokémon Emerald Update #10

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Checking the Shuppet I caught, it turns out it was holding a Spell Tag, which ups Ghost-type moves. It’s fairly useless to us at the moment since we don’t have any Ghost Pokémon or Ghost moves. Where you can get the type enhancing items:

Black Belt – N/A
Blackglasses – Rusturf Tunnel
Charcoal – The Herb Shop in Lavaridge Town
Dragon Fang – N/A
Hard Stone – Trick House Prize
Magnet – Trick House Prize
Metal Coat – Wild Magnemite and Magneton
Miracle Seed – Petalburg Woods
Mystic Water – Held by the Castform at the Weather Institute
Nevermeltice – Shoal Cave, deepest level
Poison Barb – Wild Cacnea (wild Roselia in RS)
Sharp Beak – Wild Doduo and Dodrio
Silk Scarf – Dewford Town
Silver Powder – N/A
Soft Sand – South of Slateport City
Spell Tag – Wild Shuppet and Duskull
Twistedspoon – Wild Abra

A tip about getting held items from wild Pokémon: If you use the move Thief, and you’re not holding an item yourself, you will get the item the wild Pokémon was holding. This unfortunately doesn’t work in the Safari Zone.

The Hoenn responses to Pokémon Tower… which of course fails because Pokémon Tower is too awesome…

(Expect a few ellipses…)

But first, I shall do a little detour to Route 123…

Route 123 – Berry Master ahoy!
Gloom – Rare
Kecleon – Rare
Mightyena – Common
Oddish – Common
Poochyena – Common
Shuppet – Common
Wingull – Rare
In water:
Magikarp – Very Common (Old Rod, Good Rod)
Pelipper – Rare
Tentacool – Common (Old Rod, Good Rod)
Wailmer – Common (Good Rod), Very Common (Super Rod)
Wingull – Very Common

Foiled again…

If you have a Grass-type Pokémon in your party (which I happen to have three of at the moment) she’ll give you TM19 Giga Drain.

Generous and stark raving mad. Perhaps she’s from Mauville…

“I will call you Mary Bester.”

This generous old man gives you two rare berries.

Ah, we have done good to the environment once again…

Mt Pyre – Feel the despair taking hold in you…
In water (Route 122):
Magikarp – Very Common (Old Rod, Good Rod)
Pelipper – Rare
Sharpedo – Very Common (Super Rod)
Tentacool – Very Common (Old Rod), Common (Good Rod)
Wailmer – Common (Good Rod), Very Common (Super Rod)
Wingull – Very Common
Mt Pyre Floors 1-3:
Shuppet – Very Common
Mt Pyre Floors 4-6:
Shuppet – Very Common
Duskull – Common
Mountain Wall:
Shuppet – Very Common
Vulpix – Common
Wingull – Common
Mountain Summit:
Chimecho – Rare
Duskull – Common
Shuppet – Very Common

Playing as Poland in Hearts of Iron II is for the faint of heart. Can’t really say the same for Mt Pyre.

Duskull/Dusclops: While having very small Speed, it has heinous defenses, with 130 base Defense and Special Defense. It is a tank, basically. Has a quite good moveset as well, though lacking in hard-hitting physical moves besides Shadow Ball. Since I favour offense rather the defense Banette will of course be closer to my heart, but you have a quite reliable Pokémon in Dusclops. (Ghost; Levitate)
S – Night Shade
S – Leer
5 – Disable
12 – Foresight
16 – Astonish
23 – Confuse Ray
27 – Pursuit
34 – Curse
37 – Shadow Ball
41 – Will-o-Wisp
51 – Mean Look
58 – Future Sight

Chimecho: This is one of those Pokémon which the Pokémon franchise would be absolutely good without, and probably not even notice its absence. (Psychic; Levitate)
S – Wrap
6 – Growl
9 – Astonish
14 – Confusion
17 – Take Down
22 – Uproar
25 – Yawn
30 – Psywave
33 – Double-Edge
38 – Heal Bell
41 – Safeguard
46 – Psychic

Vulpix/Ninetales: We finally meet the last of the four Fire-type families in Hoenn. Ninetales is a quite strong Pokémon. Unfortunately, the need for Fire Pokémon in Hoenn isn’t overly great. The only leader in Hoenn which focus type is weak to Fire is Glacia, and four of her five Pokémon are Water types. Emerald disses the Fire type a bit too much, me thinks. (Fire; Flash Fire)
S – Ember
5 – Tail Whip
9 – Roar
13 – Quick Attack
17 – Will-o-Wisp
21 – Confuse Ray
25 – Imprison
29 – Flamethrower
33 – Safeguard
37 – Grudge
41 – Fire Spin

A geriatric old lady gives me a Cleanse Tag.

Holding a Cleanse Tag helps keeping wild Pokémon away, but it only works if the holder is at the front.

“Dude… this place is full of people.”

See, this is why I hate battling Wobbuffet.

Shadow Ball is the Ghost move with highest power, and a quite devastating move when used right.

Lax Incense, when held by a Wobbuffet, enables a Wynaut to be born. Sea Incense enables Azurill. Those Pokémon have some darn strange breeding patterns. Imagine if people would need Douche Incense or something like that to avoid birthing a twelve year old.

This area has one of the coolest music themes in the game.

It’s really odd how small and different things look from the outside.

“Because I totally look like a Team Magma member, half-scorched teddy bear suit and all.”

There are a few deranged sailors you have to deal with, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

I am able to engage in a bit of grave robbery. I need those items more than dead Pokémon/people.

After a bit of searching, I find one of those Chimecho. How do you pronounce Chimecho anyway? Shi-me-sho, Ki-me-sho, Ki-me-ko? Eh, whatever. That Chimecho has Take Down, meaning the potential to down itself, so I decide to play it safe. Wasting four Poké balls and four Great Balls before the bastard decides to be caught.

Maxie has apparently decided to leave the Red Orb behind for no adequately explained reason.

Apparently he also left this behind. I’m starting to suspect Maxie is massively incompetent.

“*grabs popcorn* Story time!”

“It happened long, long ago… The world was wracked by a ferocious clash between the Pokémon of the land and the Pokémon of the sea… The Pokémon of the land raised mountains and created continents… The Pokémon of the sea raised waves and carved out oceans… Their fierce duel raged without end. The world was engulfed in massive infernos and vicious storms. The BLUE ORB and the RED ORB brought an end to the calamity. Light pured from the two orbs and becalmed the enraged adversaries. The pair, made docile, dove deep into the sea where eventually they disappeared…”

That was a darn lame story…

See, I’m not the only one overusing ellipses…

My intuition tells me we should head for Lavaridge Town. And we should have Acro Bike.

My intuition is uncannily accurate.

Magma Hideout – These guys are crafty, but not very intelligent.
Geodude – Very Common
Graveler – Common
Torkoal – Common

“I’m playing Pokémon Emerald. I have no sense of normality.”

I must admit, they have some fairly cool machinery.

Why do I always interrupt at the worst possible moment?

I still don’t understand why he took the Blue Orb instead of the Red Orb, or why he simply didn’t take both.

The Blue Orb shines a quite stark light. I feel like I was in a really funky night club. And then the griseous monkey statue is starting to come too close for my comfort. Panic settles in. But the statue turns all red, and promptly vanishes, leaving Maxie all sulky and crying. I wonder if I have ingested any mushrooms today.

“Yes, ancient Pokémon and I are united in our hatred against you.”

I shall never tire of this.

Nosepass, Breloom and Cacturne were stupid enough to succumb, but Tentacruel came out victorious.

Tentacruel learns Barrier, which sharply raises our team’s Defense a couple of turns. Considering Defense is Tentacruel’s lowest stat, it might come in handy.

Don’t forget the PP Max on your way out.

This seems like a logical point to stop. ‘Til next time! 🙂


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  2. October Says:

    It’s pronounced Chime-(like the chime of a bell or wind-chime) ko (like cocoa.)

    Just thought I’d throw that out there. x3 The English language makes no fucking sense.

  3. Oskar Jansson Says:

    The music from MT. Pyre was awesome. I wasn’t really expecting anything when I clicked the link but I sure was surprised by awesomeness.

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