Pokémon Emerald Update #9

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“This Scott person? I could recognize your charming baryton voice anywhere. What do you want?”

“Hold on, I’m climbing this ladder here… I’m the trainer you’re searching for, you say?”

I think I might be in love with this Scott person. :3

I buy some decorations for the Secret Base. I will make this base the best one in the entire world. That Heavy Desk is going to be used for something, but I haven’t figured out a sinister enough use for it yet. I will keep my guns on it? Maybe I’ll run my underground mushroom market from here. Also, the balloon is filled with Acid generously donated by Tentacruel, and will defeat anyone entering unauthorized.

Route 120 – There is something distinctly awesome about this Route.
Absol – Rare
Keclon – Rare
Marill – Common
Mightyena – Common
Oddish – Common
Poochyena – Common
Seedot – Rare
In water:
Barboach – Common (Good Rod), Very Common (Super Rod)
Goldeen – Rare (Old Rod), Common (Good Rod)
Magikarp – Very Common (Old Rod, Good Rod)
Marill – Very Common

Absol: I know it looks all awesome an all, and it does have a hideously supreme base Attack of 130, but it is a Dark Pokémon (What IS it with the developers giving Dark Pokémon massively powerful Attack, anyway? It makes no damn sense) who’s most powerful Dark move, unless it learns Faint Attack by breeding, is Bite. That ain’t no strategically sound Pokémon. Also, it learns Razor Wind, who’s mere presence in my not so humble opinion automatically lowers the Pokémon’s awesomeness. On the plus side it has Pressure, which drains the opponent’s PP at twice the rate. (Dark; Pressure)
S – Scratch
5 – Leer
9 – Taunt
13 – Quick Attack
17 – Razor Wind (BOOOOH!)
21 – Bite
26 – Swords Dance
31 – Double Team
36 – Slash
41 – Future Sight
46 – Perish Song

The Scorched Slab as my mental voice calls it might not have the most flattering of names, and indeed it does its name honour, but it does have TM11 Sunny Day.

Cacnea evolves during the battle with the interviewers into one helluva badass evil scarecrow. And its cry sounds like a mock imitation of a gun, PEW PEW! I love it already.

“This is simply fabulous!”

Cacturne learns Sandstorm as a gift… or a bribe for not killing me.

The first victim is this Kecleon which I actually found in the tall grass. I capture it just so it won’t feel its appearance was to waste.

Right after Cacturne’s Sandstorm neutralized Castform’s cheap tricks, Castform used Water Pulse on Nosepass. The STAB and the effect rain has on Water moves would perhaps have killed Nosepass, but now it didn’t even take half of its HP. Right after that, Manectric managed to hit Thunderpass with Thunder and I sent Tentacruel out. Castform used Rain Dance, and Tentacruel used Surf which was now powered up and managed to kill Castform. Manectric used Thunder on Cacturne but which didn’t hurt him very much. Cacturne finished Manectric off with a Faint Attack. That’s Pokémon tactics for you.

This doesn’t look like it’s been naturally formed. But I guess if I investigate it closer I’ll be sued for disturbing ancient native population burial grounds or something like that, so I’ll leave it alone.

Route 121 – Safari Zone!
Gloom – Rare
Kecleon – Rare
Mightyena – Common
Oddish – Common
Poochyena – Common
Shuppet – Common
Wingull – Rare

Shuppet/Banette: Of all Ghost Pokémon, Banette has to be the one which appeals to me the most. Ghost is (counter-intuitively) a physical type, and of the few Ghost Pokémon which exist they have on average higher Special Attack than Attack. Banette turns this around with its heinous Attack. If you decided to take under your wings, Psychic and other Ghost Pokémon better watch the hell out. It also has Will-o-Wisp, that elusive move which inflicts Burn, negating your opponent Attack power. The Special Attack is also fairly decent. (Ghost; Insomnia)
S – Knock Off
8 – Screech
13 – Night Shade
20 – Curse
25 – Spite
32 – Will-o-Wisp
37 – Faint Attack
48 – Shadow Ball (:3)
55 – Snatch
64 – Grudge

Several of those deranged sailors. I shall stalk them… later.

“Boy, would I! :)”

“I am perfectly capable without those newfangled death traps, my good sire.”

…[expletive removed].

Lilycove City – The city of lilies… and coves. Argh.

Or vice versa.

Now I might actually be able to please that damn entrance guy…

“Wait what why how? O.o”

Hey, I don’t see any love bubbles! Those morons wouldn’t be able to appreciate coolness even if it nipped them in the back.

Cacturne has three Smart moves and one Tough move. Entering a Smartness contest might’ve been wiser.

Though Cacturne never struck me as particularly smart. 😛

“…and that’s how George III got wounded by a bazooka shell during the battle of Little Bighorn. Or was it Okinawa? All I can remember is that they were Indians”, Cacturne declared.

Cacturne was a crybaby throughout the contest. Not cool.

As if Cacturne would be less cool than that rabies-infested bastard of a coyote.

All right, I’m going to punch his teeth out if he doesn’t let me in.

Safari Zone – Let the enslavement begin.
South East:
Oddish – Very Common
Girafarig – Common
Doduo – Common
Natu – Common
Wobbuffet – Common
Pikachu – Rare
Gloom – Rare
South West:
Oddish – Very Common
Girafarig – Common
Doduo – Common
Natu – Common
Wobbuffet – Common
Pikachu – Rare
Gloom – Rare
North East (accessible by Acro Bike):
Oddish – Common
Gloom – Common
Doduo – Common
Dodrio – Rare
Rhyhorn – Common
Pinsir – Rare
North West (accessible by Mach Bike):
Oddish – Common
Gloom – Rare
Natu – Common
Xatu – Rare
Heracross – Rare
Phanpy – Rare
In water:
Magikarp – Very Common (Old Rod, Good Rod)
Goldeen – Common (Old Rod), Very Common (Good Rod, Super Rod)
Seaking – Common (Super Rod)
Psyduck – Very Common

I’ll go through the Safari Zone with both bikes, of course. :3

Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu: The oh so recurring Pokémon. Of course this game wouldn’t be complete without it. One in twenty wild Pikachu hold a Light Ball. What this thingy does is that it doubles Special Attack when held by Pikachu (not Raichu). This makes it essentially a Glass Cannon. Raichu isn’t anything to sneeze at either, and much easier to get. Not my first-hand choice of Electric Pokémon, though. (Electric; Static)
Happiness – EVOLUTION
S – Thundershock
S – Growl
6 – Tail Whip
8 – Thunder Wave
11 – Quick Attack
15 – Double Team
20 – Slam
26 – Thunderbolt
33 – Agility
41 – Thunder
50 – Light Screen
Thunder Stone – EVOLUTION

Psyduck/Golduck: I’m a bit surprised by how many Egg Moves it can learn. Hypnosis, Psybeam, Foresight, Light Screen, Future Sight, Psychic, Refresh and Cross Chop (Cross Chop?!). It has decent stats in everything, and its highest stat is Special Attack, which I like. Damp prevents Selfdestruct and Explosion and Cloud Nine makes weather effect disappear. (Water; Damp, Cloud Nine)
S – Water Sport
S – Scratch
5 – Tail Whip
10 – Disable
16 – Confusion
23 – Screech
31 – Psych Up
44 – Fury Swipes
58 – Hydro Pump

Wynaut/Wobbuffet: Take a look at Smogon University’s list of “Über” Pokémon. Wobbuffet, and even baby Wynaut is on that list. Will kill pretty much anything. Shadow Tag makes the opponent unable to flee. Encore enables Wobbuffet to know what the next move is, and Wobbuffet can then can act accordingly. It’s so gamey you better not use it. (Psychic; Shadow Tag)
S – Splash
S – Charm
S – Encore
15 – Counter
15 – Mirror Coat
15 – Safeguard
15 – Destiny Bond

Natu/Xatu: It’s decent, I guess. A straight forward Psychic/Flying Pokémon with high Special Attack and Speed. It can learn Drill Peck through breeding, which is awesome. I would perhaps like it better if it came available earlier in the game, but this is fairly late and there are several contenders to a position in your party. (Psychic, Flying; Synchronise, Early Bird)
S – Peck
S – Leer
10 – Night Shade
20 – Teleport
35 – Wish
35 – Future Sight
50 – Confuse Ray
65 – Psychic (Which is late as hell)

Girafarig: Having a Psychic Pokémon immune to Ghost moves is awesome, that’s true. And it does learn Crunch, and has fairly decent Special Attack. But I still don’t like it. It doesn’t have any soul. And there are so many Psychic Pokémon to use out there. Xatu, for one. (Normal, Psychic; Inner Focus, Early Bird)
S – Tackle
S – Growl
7 – Astonish
13 – Confusion
19 – Stomp
25 – Odor Sleuth
31 – Agility
37 – Baton Pass
43 – Psybeam
49 – Crunch

Phanpy/Donphan: It has heinous Attack and Defense. Unfortunately it doesn’t learn any really powerful moves besides Earthquake. Ground as a type isn’t that a critical type in Pokémon Emerald either, though it’s one of the few Physical types which are strategically sound. Think twice before using it. (Ground; Sturdy)
S – Odor Sleuth
S – Tackle
S – Growl
9 – Defense Curl
17 – Flail
25 – Take Down
25 – Fury Attack
33 – Rollout
41 – Rapid Spin
49 – Earthquake
Alternatively, if Phanpy doesn’t evolve:
33 – Rollout
41 – Endure
49 – Double-Edge

Heracross: Along with Butterfree, Heracross is my favourite Bug Pokémon. One of the few to actually have the greatest bug move Megahorn as well as STAB on it, as well as STAB on Brick Break. Add to that a heinous Attack, and you’ve got yourself a Pokémon which kicks arse and asks questions later. Just watch out for the 4x weakness to Flying. It would be an excellent Pokémon to add to your party. (Bug, Fighting; Swarm, Guts)
S – Tackle
S – Leer
6 – Horn Attack
11 – Endure
17 – Fury Attack
23 – Brick Break
30 – Counter
37 – Take Down
45 – Reversal
53 – Megahorn

Pinsir: Has an Attack slightly lower than Absol. But it doesn’t, as opposed to Heracross, learn Megahorn. It does learn Brick Break, but unlike Heracross doesn’t get STAB on it. The weaker of the two, no doubt, but you can’t say Pinsir is weak either. (Bug; Hyper Cutter)
S – Vicegrip
S – Focus Energy
7 – Bind
13 – Seismic Toss
19 – Harden
25 – Revenge
31 – Brick Break
37 – Guillotine
43 – Submission
49 – Swords Dance

Rhyhorn/Rhydon: I figure Rhydon is way better Pokémon than Donphan. Learns a crapton of Egg Moves and TMs, and can learn Megahorn. Has 130 Attack and 120 base Defense. It’s hard not to see how massively powerful it is. Certainly better than the Geodude family. (Rock, Ground; Rock Head, Lightningrod)
S – Horn Attack
S – Tail Whip
10 – Stomp
15 – Fury Attack
24 – Scary Face
29 – Rock Blast
38 – Horn Drill
46 – Take Down
58 – Earthquake
66 – Megahorn

Doduo/Dodrio: A Normal/Flying Pokémon available late in the game? Hmm, not a recipe for success. It does learn the oh so cool Drill Peck, and has stats which suit well to the blitzkrieg doctrine. Has a sort of lame moveset, though. Not the smartest choice this late in the game. (Normal, Flying; Run Away, Early Bird)
S – Peck
S – Growl
9 – Pursuit
13 – Fury Attack
21 – Tri Attack
25 – Rage
33 – Uproar
37 – Drill Peck
45 – Agility

All the evolutionary families in the zone for only £1000. Not a bad deal. Though I never want to see an Oddish again in my entire life.

Well, that wasn’t a very eventful update. Gotta get more action next time. 🙂


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