Pokémon Emerald Update #8

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Lately, I’ve had an irrational preference for male Pokémon. The reasoning is simple: The light blue icon representing their male gender is sure as hell more awesome than the red-pinkish crap icon the female gender has. Darn gender biased game developers Therefore, I’m not really keen on having too many female Pokémon in the team. Of course, Tentacruel is female, and she kicks serious ass. If Tentacruel had been there in the 70’s, she would have easily been the most effective champion of women’s rights ever. “Don’t want to give women equal rights? Then I think I’ll raze your [expletive removed] city. How’s that sound?”

Not only can I now travel across water, I have also upped Tentacruel’s power from 65 to 95. Bubblebeam may be awesome, but Surf is even more so.

Route 115 – We can now access more of Route 115, which is north of Rustboro.
Jigglypuff – Common
Swablu – Common
Swellow – Common
Taillow – Very Common
Wingull – Common
In water:
Magikarp – Very Common (Old Rod, Good Rod)
Pelipper – Rare
Tentacool – Very Common (Old Rod), Common (Good Rod)
Wailmer – Common (Good Rod), Very Common (Super Rod)

Igglybuff/Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff: This Pokémon is more for Pokédex purposes and a cuddle piece for children than any sort of strategic battle machine. Best used to annoy opponent Pokémon (and people). (Normal; Cute Charm)
Happiness – EVOLUTION
S – Sing
4 – Defense Curl
9 – Pound
14 – Disable
19 – Rollout
24 – Doubleslap
29 – Rest
34 – Body Slam
39 – Mimic
44 – Hyper Voice
49 – Double-Edge
Moon Stone – EVOLUTION

Wailmer/Wailord: You’re going to need Wailord to solve a puzzle later on. It’s a no-nonsense sweeper Pokémon which, despite its appearance, sacrifices Defense and Special Defense for Attack and Special Attack. Its special move, Water Spout, has a base power of 150 and 100% Accuracy (!) but which power dwindles as the Pokémon loses HP. (Water; Oblivious, Water Veil)
S – Splash
5 – Growl
10 – Water Gun
14 – Rollout
19 – Whirlpool
23 – Astonish
28 – Water Pulse
32 – Mist
37 – Rest
44 – Water Spout
52 – Amnesia
59 – Hydro Pump

1/16th of the Pokémon’s Max HP is restored every turn, but the user can’t switch out.

“The guy with the Magnemite fetisch? State your business.”

“Also, what do you mean by “Magnemite fetisch”?” he answers.
“Sorry,” I reply. “I mistook you for another Dalton.”

I don’t have much use for these berries at the moment, but they’re pretty and rare and that’s all that matters.

“Come to papa!”

“Yeah, I came to apologize for punching your Manetric’s teeth out.”

“Ooh, a side quest. *squeals*”

I paint over the sign too, and write “Team Henny [insert awesome macho saying here]”.

New Mauville – Not all item balls are friendly.
Electrode – Rare
Magnemite – Very Common
Magneton – Rare
Voltorb – Very Common

Magnemite/Magneton: It has 120 base Special Attack. That alone makes me a fan of it. It has also thirteen (13) resistances. That makes me even more of a fan. Watch for its 4x weakness to Ground. Electric Pokémon are a premium type, and this one is one of the best in both Emerald and FRLG. Teach it Thunderbolt ASAP. (Electric/Steel; Magnet Pull, Sturdy)
S – Metal Sound
S – Tackle
6 – Thundershock
11 – Supersonic
16 – Sonicboom
21 – Thunder Wave
26 – Spark
35 – Lock-On
44 – Tri Attack
53 – Screech
62 – Zap Cannon

Voltorb/Electrode: It has better abilities than Magnemite, and has better overall stats, but 140 Speed is quite overkill. In FRLG you can get Voltorb before Magnemite, but Emerald doesn’t have the same saving grace. I would pick Magnemite over Voltorb any time of the day, any day of the week. (Electric; Soundproof, Static)
S – Charge
S – Tackle
8 – Screech
15 – Sonicboom
21 – Spark
27 – Selfdestruct
32 – Rollout
37 – Light Screen
42 – Swift
46 – Explosion
49 – Mirror Coat

Henny found a VOLTORB!

Hold on, why is the light in here still working-

And then I had to stumble out of the pitch black power plant.

I’d like to see Graveller do that.

Tentacruel has become a legitimate dragon slayer, but my modest amount of money has plummeted.

Route 118 – West of Mauville, we can finally move on…
Electrike – Common
Kecleon – Rare
Linoone – Common
Manectric – Common
Wingull – Common
Zigzagoon – Common
In water:
Carvanha – Common (Good Rod), Very Common (Super Rod)
Magikarp – Very Common (Old Rod, Good Rod)
Pelipper – Rare
Sharpedo – Very Common (Super Rod)
Tentacool – Very Common (Old Rod), Common (Good Rod)
Wingull – Very Common

Carvanha/Sharpedo: Second only to Cacturne, Sharpedo’s my favourite Dark Pokémon in Emerald. While Attack is its best stat (Tootin’ developers giving Dark Pokémon overly great Attack…) Special Attack is what you should focus on. Using Crunch, you’ll be able to dominate Psychic and Ghost demons out there. Rough Skin is a surprisingly good ability which hurts the opponent every time they use a physical attack on you. (Water, Dark; Rough Skin)
S – Bite
S – Leer
7 – Rage
13 – Focus Energy
16 – Scary Face
22 – Crunch
28 – Screech
33 – Slash
38 – Taunt
43 – Swagger
48 – Skull Bash
53 – Agility

“Obvious Fisherman is really obvious.”

Now we can finally pull up some quite good fishies.

Having experienced their amateur antics once before, I decline their offer.

Steven, who unexpectedly appeared out on nowhere and pounced upon me, gave me a very garbled conversation and then disappeared just as swiftly. I suspect mushrooms might’ve been involved.

Route 119 – Super tall grass. And rain. Ooh. Have anything like that, Kanto and West Kanto?
Kecleon – Rare
Linoone – Common
Oddish – Common
Tropius – Rare
Zigzagoon – Common
In water:
Carvanha – (Good Rod), Very Common (Super Rod)
Feebas – See Below
Magikarp – Very Common (Old Rod, Good Rod)
Pelipper – Rare
Tentacool – Very Common (Old Rod), Common (Good Rod)
Wingull – Very Common

Kecleon: It can learn a crapton of TMs. It’s a pretty hard Pokémon to use. Given its relatively decent Attack, it might be able to do pretty good with a moveset like Aerial Ace/Rock Tomb/Shadow Ball/Brick Break. It doesn’t have STAB, but it might get that with Colour Change. (Normal; Colour Change)
S – Thief
S – Tail Whip
S – Astonish
S – Lick
S – Scratch
4 – Bind
7 – Faint Attack
12 – Fury Swipes
17 – Psybeam
24 – Screech
31 – Slash
40 – Substitute
49 – Ancientpower

Tropius: Even though it does look badass, it isn’t really that powerful. Its greatest stat is Special Defense… at a base 87. It’s a great HM slave, though. Teach a Tropius Cut, Fly, Flash and Rock Smash, and together with a Gyarados with Surf, Strength, Waterfall and Dive, you have two Pokémon with all the HMs. (Grass, Flying; Chlorophyll)
S – Gust
S – Leer
7 – Growth
11 – Razor Leaf
17 – Stomp
21 – Sweet Scent
27 – Whirlwind
31 – Magical Leaf
37 – Body Slam
41 – Solar Beam
47 – Synthesis

And so I got my future HM slave.

Hmm… really large building and Team Aqua members blocking my path. It seems, and I’m just guessing wildly here, that it might be a good idea to investigate the Weather Institute.

Tentacruel will instantly own anyone trying to assault me while I’m sleeping.


One Castform to the absolutely fearless and simply ignorant person. 🙂

Castform: It changes to Fire when it’s sunny, Water when it’s raining and Ice when it’s hailing. Rain Dance, Thunder, Weather Ball and Hail. With Rain Dance, Thunder has 100% accuracy, and Weather Ball turns into a Water move with 100 power as well as STAB. Use Hail and when the Ice Weather Ball depending on your need. Either that, or exchange Rain Dance and Thunder for Sunny Day and Solar Beam. Castform is a Pokémon able to counter many types. The stats aren’t that good, with 70 in anything. Try to prioritize Special Attack. (Normal; Forecast)
S – Tackle
10 – Water Gun
10 – Ember
10 – Powder Snow
20 – Rain Dance
20 – Sunny Day
20 – Hail
30 – Weather Ball

A note about Feebas. Quoting Bulbapedia:

Feebas is known for its extreme rarity and it generally takes a long time to find one in the main series games where they are only found in a set number of randomly chosen fishing “tiles” on large bodies of water. For example, Route 119 in Hoenn has hundreds of squares that the fishing rod can be used on in the river that runs down it but Feebas is only found in six of them. In Sinnoh, Feebas is only found in four of the hundreds of squares which comprise the lake in Mt. Coronet’s basement which change daily. However, Feebas are actually very common where they are found making it easy to catch multiple members of the species once one has been located.

Feebas/Milotic: While its supremely hard to get it, it is also supremely badass. Having very high Special Attack and Special Defense, it is frustratingly strong. To evolve Feebas to Milotic, you need to max out its Beauty condition and then level it up one level. (Water; Marvel Scale)
Max Beauty – EVOLUTION
S – Water Gun
5 – Wrap
10 – Water Sport
15 – Refresh
20 – Water Pulse
25 – Twister
30 – Recover
35 – Rain Dance
40 – Safeguard
45 – Attract
50 – Safeguard

I have to battle with the girl again…

Yup. That Ice Beam seems to be working fine.

This Scott Person also drops by and states the obvious.

This is, in my not so humble opinion, the best Secret Base location in the game, simply because it’s so close to Fortree city.

Fortree City – Because living on the ground is so boring and efficient.

“Not really. We met on Route 118.”

“You’re asking me to kick your arse? I’m in!”

“Oh, that kind of battle.”

Let’s beat Winona.

My Kirlia has evolved into Gardevoir. Now it may finally be able to pull its weight.

“*giggle* Your helmet looks ridiculous.”

She has a level 29 Swablu, a level 29 Tropius, a level 33 Altaria, a level 31 Skarmory and a level 30 Pelipper.

4x weakness to Ice has never felt so good. Banana-flavoured ice cream, anyone?

Really smart to send out Altaria, a Pokémon which also has 4x weakness to Ice.

“Bet you didn’t see that comin’. :)”

“Oi! No fair.”

4x weaknesses to stuff hurts.

And that’s how I beat Winona.


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