Pokémon Emerald Update #6

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And so I begun the cross-breeding experiment. I wanna have a Nosepass with Magnitude. Where does Geodude keep his, hmm, stick anyway?


I have brought another little demon into the suffering that is life.

The first batch is ready… RISE, MY MINIONS!

(Why are they all male? O.o)

Geodude is now in level 37 and Nosepass in level 36. O.o

The Stein family lived a happy life, until Mr. Geodude died in a scuba diving accident. This prompted Mrs. Nosepass to commit suicide. Except for one of their daughters, who would join Henny on his quest, and one of their sons, who would become a top politician in the Jeb Bush administration, none of their offspring would leave the island of Dewford.

Finally, I decided to stick with this little bugger, due to it being high in both Attack and Special Attack.

Satisfied with my Nosepass, I resume my journey. It didn’t take long until me and Breloom had eaten all the supplies we had taken with us. Fearing starvation, I try to seek shelter in a house. The occupants challenges me to four consecutive battles. Hoping the reward is food, I accept.

“This is not edible.”

The Macho Brace lets the holder gain double evaluation points in combat, but makes it slower.

“So hungry. Do you have anything in the way of food?” I ask the interviewer.
“Camera’s still rolling,” responds the cameraman.

“I thought I told you never to call this number”, I reply.
“But I love you!”, Dalton weakly says. I think he might be crying.

Route 112 – There’s a lift to Mt. Chimney and a Fiery Path, on the way to Fallarbor Town.
Numel – Very Common
Marill – Common

Numel/Camerupt: It is a pretty decent fighter, though it does have a 4x weakness to Water. Having high stats in both Attack and Special Attack can be beneficial. Has a fairly cool moveset. Numel is one of those ‘mons who could benefi from delaying evolution. And it is one of only four (!) Fire Pokémon in Hoenn, after all. (Fire/Ground, Oblivious [Magma Armour])
S- Growl
11 – Ember
19 – Magnitude
25 – Focus Energy
29 – Take Down
31 – Amnesia
33 – Rock Slide
37 – Earthquake
45 – Eruption
55 – Fissure
Alternatively, if Numel doesn’t evolve:
25 – Earthquake
41 – Flamethrower
49 – Double-Edge

Fiery Path: There are some rather awesome Pokémon around here. (“But I bet there isn’t anything to eat here”, whispers Henny. “Fourth wall, Henny. Fourth wall”, the author replies.)
Grimer – Rare
Koffing – Common
Machop – Common
Numel – Common
Slugma – Common
Torkoal – Common

Grimer/Muk: I love this beast, at least when I’m not at the receiving end. Not only has it heinous Attack, it has a nearly as heinous Special Defense as well. If you’re ever creating an all-Poison team in Pokémon Emerald (it’s pretty fun), using this one is a flippin’ must. (It can learn Brick Break! :3) Stench lowers the chance of encountering wild Pokémon. (Poison; Stench, Sticky Hold)
S – Poison Gas
S – Pound
4 – Harden
8 – Disable
13 – Sludge (65 Power!)
19 – Minimize
26 – Screech
34 – Acid Armor
47 – Sludge Bomb
61 – Memento

Koffing/Weezing: It has only one weakness, due to its Levitate ability. It has slightly less overall stats than Muk. Has the same amount of Defense as Tentacruel has Special Defense. I personally prefer Muk over Weezing, but Weezing is quite decent as well. You gotta hand it to a Pokémon which learns four (4) attacks which successfulness depends on the user dying. (Poison; Levitate)
S – Poison Gas
S – Tackle
9 – Smog
17 – Selfdestruct
21 – Sludge
25 – Smokescreen
33 – Haze
44 – Explosion
51 – Destiny Bond
58 – Memento

Machop/Machoke/Machamp: ‘Nother one of those “I can’t evolve unless traded” critters I despise so much. Machoke alone is somewhat decent, and it does learn a few cool moves. (Fighting; Guts)
S – Low Kick
S – Leer
7 – Focus Energy
13 – Karate Chop
19 – Seismic Toss
22 – Foresight
25 – Revenge
33 – Vital Throw
41 – Submission
46 – Cross Chop
51 – Scary Face
59 – Dynamicpunch

Slugma/Magcargo: I like the straight forward moveset. The stats aren’t the best, but not the worst either. Too bad about the 4x weakness to water. And it does have four weaknesses. Note: While Flame Body gives the opponent 30% chance of burn at contact, it also gives Pokémon eggs less time to hatch. (Fire/Rock; Magma Armour, Flame Body)
S – Yawn
S – Smog
8 – Ember
15 – Rock Throw
22 – Harden
29 – Amnesia
35 – Flamethrower
48 – Rock Slide
60 – Body Slam

Torkoal: Well, it’s a giant turtle powered by steam. That alone makes it awesome. It has fairly decent stats as well, with it’s absolutely sturdy Defense. Try to use Special Attacks on it. It’s a decent and trustworthy demon.
S – Ember
4 – Smog
7 – Curse
14 – Smokescreen
17 – Fire Spin
20 – Body Slam
27 – Protect
30 – Flamethrower
33 – Iron Defense
40 – Amnesia
43 – Flail
46 – Heat Wave (Slightly worse than Flamethrower)

“GRIMER! You’re mine!”

“Er… sure. I already have one, but sure.”

A rest stop? I hope there’s food.

“You still haven’t given me food.”

I tried eating this TM, but it wouldn’t go down. So let’s see if this Secret Base thingy works, instead.

Thanks for asking me, inner voice. I wonder if Osama Bin Laden is using this TM.

…[expletive removed]

If there’s ever a Clear-Out sale in Lilycove Department store, you can buy a bridge.

Route 113 – Well, there’s a lot of volcanic ash and ninjas here.
Skarmory – Rare
Slugma – Common
Spinda – Very Common

Skarmory: It’s got eleven ([expletive removed] 11) resistances, and only two weaknesses. It is an overused Pokémon in competitive battling, what with it’s Spikes. You can make good use of it, if only because of the difficulty of killing it. Learns Drill Peck as an Egg move. (Steel/Flying; Keen Eye, Sturdy)
S – Leer
S – Peck
10 – Sand-Attack
13 – Swift
16 – Agility
26 – Fury-Attack
29 – Air Cutter
32 – Steel Wing
42 – Spikes
45 – Metal Sound

Spinda: A description is probably superfluous, besides that it sucks.
S – Tackle
5 – Uproar
12 – Faint Attack
16 – Psybeam
23 – Hypnosis
27 – Dizzy Punch
34 – Teeter Dance
38 – Psych Up
45 – Double-Edge
49 – Flail
56 – Thrash

Using Magnitude seemed like a good idea at the time…

“That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

Blue Flute – Awakens sleeping Pokémon.
Yellow Flute – Heals confused Pokémon.
Red Flute – Heals Pokémon from Attraction.
White Flute – Attracts wild Pokémon.
Black Flute – Repels wild Pokémon.

These flutes can actually be used an infinite amount of times, so having all five gives you a great advantage. I find them kind of gamey.

Fallarbor Town – I distrust this town. I have no logical justification.

I can’t see any gardens. They must be really small.

“I’m a pissed off person who wants to access the computer. Would you like me to introduce you to Tentacool?”

And that’s how I found out she had a mental disorder.

I knew keeping my bicycle in the bag was a bad idea.

Route 114 – Come to think of it, I kind of distrust this Route as well.
Swablu – Common
Lotad – Common
Lombre – Common
Seviper – Rare
Nuzleaf – Very Rare

Swablu/Altaria: The first Dragon Pokémon you can lay your hands on. Pretty decent. It has Dragonbreath, the strongest Dragon move, and the best counter to those nefarious Milotic and Kingdra. Not a critter I normally use, but I suppose it’s pretty good. Teaching it Aerial Ace is key. Natural Cure heals Status problems if the Pokémon is switched out. ([Normal/Dragon]/Flying; Natural Cure)
S – Peck
S – Growl
8 – Astonish
11 – Sing
18 – Fury Attack
21 – Safeguard
28 – Mist
31 – Take Down
35 – Dragonbreath
40 – Dragon Dance
45 – Refresh
54 – Perish Song
59 – Sky Attack (This move sucks)
Alternatively, if Swablu doesn’t evolve:
38 – Mirror Move
41 – Refresh
48 – Perish Song

Seviper: Not the worst Pokémon, but not the best either. It does learn Crunch. Shed Skin gives the Pokémon a 1/3 chance to recover its Status problem every turn. (Poison; Shed Skin)
S – Wrap
7 – Lick
10 – Bite
16 – Poison Tail
19 – Screech
25 – Glare
28 – Crunch
34 – Poison Fang
37 – Swagger
43 – Haze

As I entered the house, a great many boxes came falling down upon me. I had to struggle for my life, nearly suffocated under the treacherous boxes. Lanette eventually came around to helping me. For my troubles, I received a Lotad Doll.

Meteor Falls – What I mentally catergorize as “the cave outside Fallarbor”. Contains some, er, cool stuff.
Room 1:
Solrock – Common
Zubat – All Too Common
Room 2, Room 3, Room 4:
Bagon – Common
Solrock – Very Common
Zubat – Very Common
In water:
Barboach – Common (Good Rod), Very Common (Super Rod)
Goldeen – Common (Old Rod), Very Common (Super Rod)
Magikarp – Very Common (Old Rod, Super Rod)
Solrock – Common
Golbat – Common

Solrock: It has six damn weaknesses. And a highly erratic moveset. While it doesn’t suck, I’m not a fan. Some of these Pokémon may carry Sun Stones. (Rock/Psychic; Levitate)
S – Tackle
S – Harden
7 – Confusion
13 – Rock Throw
19 – Fire Spin
25 – Psywave
31 – Cosmic Power
37 – Rock Slide
43 – Solar Beam
49 – Explosion


Shucks. Everyone I hate seem to gather in one spot.

“I’m no kid, just vertically challenged. Do you have anything to eat, by the way? I like sausage.” He gave me an odd look and left. Apparently, they’ve tricked the professor into giving them the meteorite, and now they’re going to do something on Mt. Chimney. I bet it’s going to be stupid.

I suppose I’ll have to get that damn meteorite. If only to progress on my quest.

Now Kirlia might start pulling its weight.

“You didn’t do very well in Science class, did you?”

“Oh, how very mature of you. “I’m a [expletive removed]-up so I’m going to canalize my wrath on this vertically challenged man instead”. Aren’t you a winner.”

Current music theme.

I think this might be against the Geneva convention. You scare me, Tentacool. Show some mercy!

After Maxie’s humiliating defeat, I get to take this lil’ meteorite. But the only reason I examined the machine in the first place was in hopes it would have some food in it.

Next update: Two gym leader battles. :3


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