Pokémon Emerald Update #5

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“Now, my mere acquaintance, we shall head for Slateport.”

Every little thing helps. While not useful to us right now, it could be useful later.

My Shroomish has become even more adept at sucking the energy out of opponents. He’s worrying me slightly.

As a reward for beating three crappy trainers, you’ll get six Soda Pops.

I get a strange urge to buy Harbour Mail. While useless to me at the moment, I have a feeling it might come in handy later.

I approach a balding man. Apparently he’s not very good at his job. Wanting to get rid of the Devon Goods, I empty it all on the table. The man, however, wants me to personally deliver them to Captain Stern. Well, looks like I’m everyone’s bitch…

I encounter the deranged sailor again. I think our last battle actually killed his Poochyena. He actually gives me TM46 Thief and says that “that TM, it suits you more than it does me”. I suppose that’s a more subtle way of saying “screw you for stealing my Poochyena’s life”. The deranged sailor is good people.

“Yes. They might have become a bit damaged during the trip, but the President of Devon Corp will have to pay for that. I hope we shall never meet aga-“

I am not a very lucky person, I suppose. There’s always some weird coincidences going on. Very well, what I lack in that area I shall make up in brute strength. I beat the two thugs, and a man named Archie appears. He tells me some stuff about Team Aqua and their noble objectives. I was hoping he’d battle me, but he promptly left. Anyway, Stern got his damn parts and I could move on.

My friend, this Scott person, strikes up a conversation with me as I leave the building. Apparently he just saw Team Aqua fleeing, apparently like they were stung (with Tentacool and his Poison Sting, it’s eerily accurate). He adds my number.

Route 110 – These Route numbers no longer make sense. This Route is pretty damn awesome.
Electrike – Common
Gulpin – Common
Minun – Common
Oddish – Common
Plusle – Rare
Poochyena – Common
Wingull – Rare
In the water:
Tentacool – Very Common; Common (Old Rod, Good Rod)
Wailmer – Common (Good Rod), Very Common (Super Rod)
Wingull – Very Common
Pelipper – Rare

Electrike/Manectric: A pretty good Pokémon to use at this point. Unfortunately, it doesn’t start with Thundershock, and learns Spark instead of Thunderbolt. Makes me want to have Pikachu instead. Having an Electric Pokémon is wise as type advantages go. I will not pick up an Electrike this time, as I feel I use it too much. Static can paralyse opponents on contact (a surprisingly good ability) and Lightningrod draws Electric-type moves to itself (an unsurprisingly useless ability). (Electric; Static, Lightningrod)
S – Tackle
4 – Thunder Wave
9 – Leer
12 – Howl
17 – Quick Attack
20 – Spark (Finally)
25 – Odor Sleuth
31 – Roar
39 – Bite
45 – Thunder (Is worser than Thunderbolt unless it’s raining)
53 – Charge

Plusle & Minun: I wonder why the [expletive removed] the designers put them into the game. Don’t use them unless you’re feeling masochistic. The ability Plus raises Special Attack by 1.5x when faced with an opponent with Minus, and vice versa. Of course, this ability is incredibly useless. (Electric, Plus/Minus)
S – Growl
4 – Thunder Wave
10 – Quick Attack
13 – Helping Hand
19 – Spark
22 – Encore
28 – Fake Tears
31 – Charge
37 – Thunder
40 – Baton Pass
47 – Agility

Oddish/Gloom/either Vileplume or Bellossom: Another Grass Pokémon. If Shroomish didn’t strike your fancy (Breloom is more of a Fighting Pokémon, anyway), you could use Oddish. Since it has Sweet Scent, it makes a decent HM/TM slave, especially when you go to the Safari Zone. The difference between Vileplume and Bellossom is that Vileplume has slightly better Special Attack and Bellossom has slightly better Special Defense, Bellossom is pure Grass and can learn Safeguard through TM. I’d pick Vileplume personally. (Grass, Poison; Chlorophyll)
S – Absorb
7 – Sweet Scent
14 – Poison Powder
16 – Stun Spore
18 – Sleep Powder (A very useful move.)
24 – Acid
35 – Moon Light
44 – Petal Dance
Leaf Stone – EVOLUTION to Vileplume
Sun Stone – EVOLUTION to Bellossom

Gulpin/Swalot: Er… em… ah. I don’t know why anybody would want this. Sticky Hold prevents the held item from being knocked off or stolen. (Poison; Liquid Ooze, Sticky Hold)
S – Pound
6 – Yawn
9 – Poison Gas
14 – Sludge
17 – Amnesia
23 – Encore
31 – Toxic
40 – Stockpile
40 – Spit Up
40 – Swallow
48 – Sludge Bomb

As I head north, I see the fake professor again. He gives me his phone number, to “rate my Pokédex”. The lazy [expletive removed] is being paid to do nothing.

This battle was rather fun, actually. It was a war of attrition involving Leech Seed, Supersonic, Thunder Wave, Poison Sting and lots of Oran Berries.

While Tentacool’s Attack is still weak (Hmm, it actually has more Attack than Defense now), Acid’s 40 Power is far better than Poison Sting and Constrict’s 15 and 10 Power.

On my way to Mauville City, I meet the creepy girl again. Hmm, she’s starting to become a rather worthy adversary. I will not lose to her, it is below my dignity.

She has two new Pokémon. Depending on the starter, she has either Shroomish, Slugma or Wingull.

“Aim for the face!”

Well, that was a tough fight. She nearly wiped out my brave three. Our team isn’t exactly optimal as type matchups go, I should get a new little demon soon…

Since stupid people seem to drop items at an alarming rate, which my Zigzagoon can attest to, this might come in handy. Though the girl shouldn’t think she can bribe me.

Teleport is awesomely glorious.

I’ve heard rumours of Mauville City being corrupt, full of gambling addicts and lunatics. We’ll see how true the rumours are. It has a total of nine buildings – a sprawling metropolis no doubt.

“I’d be pissed off too.”


Note to self: There’s at least one lunatic in this town.

This one’s DEFINITELY a lunatic.

Lyssna och lär, missa inte chansen, nu är vi här, med Tentacooldansen!

This guy gives away bikes for free. Maybe he’s not a lunatic, maybe he’s just extremely generous. Maybe. Oh, at least I didn’t have to listen to a monologue of an old man being overly creepy in his description of his love for Rapidash. I wonder how I should fit this thing in my bag…

There are two bikes to choose from, though you can switch them anytime. The Mach bike can scale cliffs and speed over crumbling roof tiles. The Acro bike can go over ledges. If you jump up and down on a spot with the Acro bike in a spot of grass, wild Pokémon may appear; it’s useful in the Safari zone. The Mach bike is also faster, though the Acro bike is more controllable. I chose the Mach bike as it is more useful in accessing places. I’m not a fan of using bikes as transportation, though.

I meet a woman, who for some reason has an uncontrollable urge for Harbour Mails. Hey, wait a minute…

Who woulda thought? Hmm, I do notice a certain amount of lunacy due to her willingness to trade it for an elusive Coin Case…

The TMs sold here are so darn awesome. With the exception of Double Team.

TM32 = Double Team
TM29 = Psychic
TM35 = Flamethrower
TM24 = Thunderbolt
TM13 = Ice Beam

Whoever designed this crazy robotic roulette table is a lunatic.

“My name is Henny. You joined my father. Prepare to die.”

He sends out Ralts. “Two can play that game”, I say and send out my own Ralts. I command him to use Double Team, but the foe does the same. Holy [expletive removed], that’s a lot of Ralts copies. I can’t tell which one is which. Wally’s father appears to suffering from a heart attack. The Ralts! They’re in my hair, they’re in my nose, they’re in my pants. They’re everywhere…!

Who wouldn’t be? Nobody hits each other for a crapton of turns. But the bugger finally kicks the bucket, and Wally, that rotten agent of my father’s, decides to flee. And this Scott person, my pimp friend, got all impressed because I managed to beat a level 16 Ralts. Big deal. Before entering the gym I shall do a detour to Verdanturf town. These generous lunatics are scaring me.

Route 117 – Has some new Pokémon, but none of them are valuable. Also a Daycare center.
Illumise – Common
Marill – Common
Oddish – Very Common
Poochyena – Common
Volbeat – Rare
Seedot – Rare
In water:
Corphish – Common (Good Rod), Very Common (Super Rod)
Goldeen – Rare (Old Rod), Common (Good Rod)
Magikarp – Very Common (Old Rod, Good Rod)
Marill – Very Common

My Ralts has some sort of metamorphosis. Now she’s apparently a Kirlia. While not as cute, she now has more ass-kicking stats.

“You’re feeling bad about the Skitty we tortured, enslaved and then put on fire in the cave, don’t you? You’re a weakling, Shroomish.”

I love this rod. First it pulls up my most elite of Pokémon, and then it pulls this up too. It looks absolutely fabulous. I must put it in my box.

Goldeen/Seaking: Its moveset is so incredibly weak. I don’t like its stats, either. Not a good Pokémon. Water Veil makes the Pokémon immune to burn. (Water; Swift Swim, Water Veil)
S – Peck
S – Tail Whip
S – Water Sport
10 – Supersonic
15 – Horn Attack
24 – Flail
29 – Fury Attack
41 – Waterfall
49 – Horn Drill
61 – Agility

Volbeat: It’s not worthy of a description. Illuminate increases the chance of encountering wild Pokémon and Swarm raises Special Attack by 1.5x if its HP falls below 1/3. (Bug; Illuminate, Swarm)
S – Tackle
5 – Confuse Ray
9 – Double Team
13 – Moonlight
17 – Quick Attack
21 – Tail Glow
25 – Signal Beam
29 – Protect
33 – Helping Hand
37 – Double-Edge

Illumise: Same for this one, ‘cept it’s even more worthless than Volbeat. Oblivious means Pokémon can’t be attracted. (Bug; Oblivious)
S – Tackle
5 – Confuse Ray
9 – Charm
13 – Moonlight
17 – Quick Attack
21 – Wish
25 – Encore
29 – Flatter
33 – Helping Hand
37 – Covet

Back in Route 110, I encounter the following house. It has a really strange sign. It tells me to go three steps to the right, even though there’s a house.

“Your trees are no match for my lumberjack raccoon-thingy”, I say.
“Fine! Take this”, he replies and gives me a Rare Candy.
“Are you from Mauville, by any chance?”

The Trick Master gives you the following items, as you beat his challenges:

Rare Candy
Timer Ball
Hard Stone
Smoke Ball (Actually isn’t for catching Pokémon, but rather fleeing from battles)
TM12 Taunt
PP Max (Puts a Pokémon’s PP in one move to the max)
Tent (Which is awesome)

“I’m sorry I called you a weakling.”

Volbeat, the rarer of the two bugs in Emerald, is now safely in my Poké Ball.

A Seedot, which I had neglected to search for back in Route 102, suddenly appeared.

My Tentacool has learned Bubblebeam. The world is now doomed.

“And I, HENNY, the LEADER of TEAM HENNY, shall cover you in bubbles! Also, why are we screaming?”

Wattson has a level 20 Voltorb, a level 20 Electrike, a level 22 Magneton and a level 24 Manectric. Er, I sort of doubt I’ll win, but we’ll see how it goes.

The Voltorb would rather commit suicide than stand another round of Bubblebeam. Coward.

I did not actually expect to win, but now I’ve done it somehow. Er, the Dynamo Badge and TM34 Shock Wave are mine, I suppose. And Zigzagoon can now not only Cut down bushes, but also Rock Smash boulders!

“No, I am bubblefying. And I hope all of what you said was meant metaphorically, or it doesn’t make sense.”

Make a functioning route between Rustboro and Verdanturf and help a couple’s dreams come true, or just gloat at a rock? Decisions, decisions…

I can now push boulders! With the help of a yet unknown Gym Badge, of course…

If only I had had a Squirtle.

It’s like it’s a small Christmas.

“Hmm… how about…”

“…[expletive removed]”?

“She’s got a Mudkip plush toy right next to her. Of course she isn’t smiling.”

Back in the Dewford cave, I mean Granite Cave, we are able to reach the upper part of the cavern with our bike.

I crash through the cave on a bike, in high speed, a couple of times. I think I’ve broken a couple of ribs. But before me is another Everstone.

I’m having fun making poor Zigzagoon smashing his little body against rocks when I happen upon this… thing. I capture it.

All right, my current team at the moment, HM slaves excluded:

The Nosepass is female. And Nosepass can learn Magnitude as an egg move. That kind of gives me an idea…


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