Pokémon Emerald Update #4

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We’ve got ourselves the fantastically creative Stone Badge! Only three gym badges until we can settle a score with Norman, and we can now go on a bush-killing spree with HM01 Cut. 🙂

Your advice might be completely useless for those with even a faint glimmer of knowledge in Pokémon game mechanics, but your choice of vocabulary on this particular occasion has imbued me with respect. Perhaps we shall meet again, in another place…

As I exited the gym, the Team Aqua goon I had met in Petalburg Woods runs north in a great hurry. It is clearly him, as I now hear crazy accordion music. The guy in the green suit I met shouts at him, pleading to give back his papers, as if the goon would run back and give it to him if only he said “please”. He actually starts to chase him. I don’t think the mushroom effect is quite gone yet. Also, both of them are terribly slow runners from what I can tell. Hmm, perhaps I should join this madness as well.

“I’m going to be frank with you”, I told Mudkip. “The whole journey so far, you’ve only been a pain in the arse. Team Henny only has room for Pokémon who can actually kick arse, HM/TM slaves, and possibly eggs. You’re neither of them. Since I’m in a good mood I’m only going to let you rot in this box. You better be thankful I didn’t leave you at the mercy of those murderous Shroomish.”

Route 116 – Wait, we’re on Route 116 already? But the last route was Route 104. Well, at least we have four (technically five) new Pokémon at our disposal.
Nincada – Common
Poochyena – Common
Skitty – Rare
Taillow – Common
Whismur – Common
Abra – Common

Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam: This is such an awesome Pokémon. The Special Attack of this beast is murderously high, and its Speed isn’t something to be scoffed at either. It can lay down a massive smack on anything that stands in your way. However, it’s hard to evolve it as you need to trade it, so Kadabra is usually the final evolution. Still kicks arse. The Inner Focus ability makes its user immune to flinching. (Psychic; Synchronise, Inner Focus)
S – Teleport (Abra can’t do much initially, unlike Ralts)
16 – Confusion
18 – Disable
21 – Psybeam
23 – Reflect
25 – Recover
30 – Future Sight
33 – Role Play
36 – Psychic
43 – Trick

Nincada/Ninjask: The Speed of Ninjask is extreme. And it has an ability, Speed Boost, which raises it’s Speed every turn as well. Unfortunately, I have hard to see it’s usefulness in this adventure. It’s all too fragile to have much use of Fury Cutter anyway. (Nincada is Bug/Ground and has Compoundeyes, Ninjask is Bug/Flying and has Speed Boost)
S – Scratch
S – Harden
5 – Leech Life
9 – Sand Attack
14 – Fury Swipes
19 – Mind Reader
20 – Fury Cutter
20 – Screech
25 – Swords Dance
31 – Slash
38 – Agility
45 – Baton Pass
Alternatively, if Nincada doesn’t evolve:
25 – False Swipe
31 – Mud-Slap
38 – Metal Claw
45 – Dig (Note that Nincada and Trapinch are the only Pokémon in Hoenn who can learn Dig without using a TM)

Shedinja: To get this Pokémon, you must have room in your party and a Poké Ball. When Nincada evolves, you should be surprised to see a new critter in your party. Its main strength is Wonder Guard. It means it’s immune to any attack to which it isn’t weak to; that means all attacks except Fire, Flying, Rock, Ghost and Dark are useless against it. The catch is that it only has one HP. It has superb strategic advantages, of course, and is the only Ghost Pokémon you can get this early in the game. (Bug, Ghost; Wonder Guard)
S – Scratch
S – Harden
5 – Leech Life
9 – Sand Attack
14 – Fury Swipes
19 – Mind Reader
25 – Spite
31 – Confuse Ray
38 – Shadow Ball
45 – Grudge

Whismur/Loudred/Exploud: Um… I’m not sure what to say about this one. It has equal Attack and Special Attack despite only learning Physical moves, it has a pretty crappy moveset, and doesn’t offer any type advantages. I’d say this is a fairly weak Pokémon. Soundproof is an ability causing immunity to sound moves like Roar and Sing. (Normal; Soundproof)
S – Pound
5 – Uproar
11 – Astonish
15 – Howl
23 – Supersonic
29 – Stomp
37 – Screech
40 – Hyper Beam
45 – Roar
55 – Rest
55 – Sleep Talk
63 – Hyper Voice

Skitty/Delcatty: Useful for annoying the hell out of opponents, I suppose? Other than that, it’s kind of useless. A waste of a Moon Stone, I suppose one might call it. The Cute Charm infatuates Pokémon on physical contact (the opponent or you uses a physical move [physical in the sense of non-ranged]), but only if they are of the opposite gender. Boo, Nintendo and it’s heteronormativity. 😛 (Normal; Cute Charm)
S – Growl
S – Tackle
3 – Tail Whip (Huh, got any level 2 Skitty?)
7 – Attract
13 – Sing
15 – Doubleslap (I can totally picture Skitty doing that)
19 – Assist
25 – Charm
27 – Faint Attack
31 – Covet
37 – Heal Bell
39 – Double-Edge

“I know you’re dying to kill it, but if you could please paralyse it and bring it to the brink of destruction? I wish to enslave it. Don’t screw this up.”

The Pokédex entry says “it threatens foes with a large fang”. I refuse to believe it. :3

“With the powers of Emo, these small bushes shall be exterminated. It’s for the good of mankind.”

An old man standing outside the cave entrance says something about a scoundrel walking into the cave with Wingull hostage in one hand and important papers in another. This cave happens to be full of sound-sensitive Whismurs who will raise hell if they are disturbed. That and an inebriated, foul-mouth sailor and a screechy Wingull doesn’t sound like the best combination.

Fool, your inane chatter has doomed us all. I am afraid I’ll have to use physical violence on you”, I say to him. He starts spouting profanity on me, and sends out his lone Poochyena. The thing is now level 11 somehow. I manage to kill it, rob him off the Devon Goods and have a chitchat with the deranged sailor (retired) before having to flee in the face of the oncoming Whismur hordes. I barely escape with my life. My ears are ringing.

Dumdidumdidum, I’m not carrying any Devon Goods. Dumdidumdidum, I am a lawabiding citizen. Dumdi- damn, caught.

With great stress, I walk towards the President. I know the punishment of corporate espionage in Hoenn all too well. Death. If anything goes wrong, which I think it will, I think I can get out of the building by taking him hostage.

Wha…? He hands me a letter, gives me some cool gizmo called a PokéNav and fully heals my Pokémon. He doesn’t even take the Devon Goods back. And some scientist fellow messed around with my PokéNav just as I was leaving, hopefully improving it. Talk about jumping from the ash into the… candy. While I still have my life, he expects me to go on errands. One must pay with one’s freedom to keep one’s freedom, it appears.

As I walk out of the city, that girl harasses me again. I tried to sneak past her, but she spotted me. She even asks me about my number. She creeps me out…

At this point she insults me by calling my Pokémon weak. Very well, a battle she will have!

May’s Pokémon only manages to inflict damage upon me once, even though the battle raged on for 8-10 turns or so. The power of Double Team is mighty indeed.

“Take this seed thingy”, I command Shroomish.
“Shroomish?”, Shroomish countered.
“I don’t know how it works. It’s a miracle!”

“Er… am I interrupting?”

“The ocean reminds me of Mudkip. But fine, I’ll go with you. If only because it takes me further from Littleroot Town. Grah, now I remember that town again.”

My father managed to get my phone number somehow. He interrupts my lovely boat ride. The deranged sailor (retired) is even forced to weigh anchor hoping that my stream of expletives will subside. He asks me where I am, and I answer, in panic, Route 116. And those Wingulls have to screech and the boat have to honk at this precise moment.

Reading the sign of this town depresses me even more than “Where things start off scarce”. Oh well, it has five buildings. (But no PokéMart!)

“Its secrecy means it isn’t available to the broader masses. So I suppose not.”

Considering that I’ve just moved into Hoenn, and since I have a spontaneous tendency to speak overly short and in all caps, I yell “DON’T KNOW” at him.

Villager 1: What’s the current trend on this wacked up island?
Villager 2: DON’T KNOW.

With this ancient rod, one can pull up Magikarp and Tentacool, at least around this town.

My Shroomish tries to flee from the terrible Magikarp, but Magikarp put its Splash techniques to good use, meaning Shroomish had to try escaping five times before succeeding. The monstrosity will haunt his nightmares for the rest of his life.

I’ve decided to incorporate Tentacool into the team. Initially because I wanted to show Mudkip that even a jellyfish squid thingy could do better than him. But now I’ve also gained quite some admiration for it. I suppose it’s partly because of stories I heard…

It takes place during WWII, when the commerce raiding on Britain was at it’s peak. The Germans and their wolfpacks was the only thing Churchill was afraid of. When a ship is torpedoed, some of the sailors survived. With their water Pokémon they were able to get ashore. If they were unlucky, however, they were sunk just above a Tentacool nest. The Tentacool would come by the hundreds, slowly poisoning them to death through Poison Sting, strangling them by Constrict or Wrap, using Supersonic to mess with the sailors’ poor minds, and Bubblebeam to kill them outright. When they are finished, they use Acid to make the sailors digestible. It was horrible.

Also, that Special Defense is indeed impressive. It has as much Special Attack as Ralts does at level 14 as well. I am lost in those eyes…

Tentacool/Tentacruel: While not the strongest Pokémon, it is quite decent. Until level 25, its main role is being annoying in general. It is weak against Electric, Ground and Psychic and has seven wopping resistances. And one musn’t forget about that Special Defense. Clear Body negates foes lowering its stats, and Liquid Ooze inflicts damage if the opponent uses HP-absorbing moves. Clear Body is much more useful. (Water, Poison; Clear Body, Liquid Ooze)
S – Poison Sting
6 – Supersonic
12 – Constrict (10 Power, with 10% chance of lowering the foe’s Speed? Useless.)
19 – Acid
25 – Bubblebeam
30 – Wrap
38 – Barrier
47 – Screech
55 – Hydro Pump

Magikarp/Gyarados: Attack is Gyarados’ strong point. It has a lot of points in every stat, though. Powerful in general. 4x weakness to Electric kind of sucks though, but it can be exploited if you were to battle them. It’s interesting to note that Magikarp has no Egg moves at all, and Gyarados has no Flying moves even though it’s part Flying. I’m not sure how that works, it doesn’t look like it has wings or anything. (Water, [Flying]; Intimidate [Gyarados], Swift Swim [Magikarp])
S – Splash
15 – Tackle
(Magikarp learns Flail at level 30)
20 – Bite
25 – Dragon Rage
30 – Leer
35 – Twister
40 – Hydro Pump
45 – Rain Dance
50 – Dragon Dance
55 – Hyper Beam

I’ve noticed that some Pokémon prefer to commit suicide than be at the mercy of Tentacool. This Magikarp for example. It hurt itself, trying to kill itself. But Tentacool, unwilling to let a victim go down so cowardly, finished it off with a Poison Sting.

Granite Cave – I always forget the name of this cave. It will always be “the cave near Dewford” to me. Also, six new of the ‘lil demons can be found here.
On the first floor:
Abra – Common
Geodude – Common
Makuhita – Very Common
Zubat – Common
On the first basement floor:
Abra – Common
Aron – Very Common
Makuhita – Common
Sableye – Common
Zubat – Very Common
On the second basement floor:
Abra – Common
Aron – Very Common
Makuhita – Common
Sableye – Common
Zubat – Very Common
Geodude – Very Common (Rock Smash)
Nosepass – Common (Rock Smash)

You’ll receive HM05 Flash, the HM you actually don’t need to complete the game. But it’s useful.

Zubat/Golbat/Crobat: Perhaps one of the most hated Pokémon, considering its prevalence in caves and elsewhere, and its crippling mastery of annoyment. It’s a fairly decent Pokémon. Just don’t expect it to sweep up the teams of opponents. It also learns Quick Attack as an Egg move. (Poison, Flying; Inner Focus)
S – Leech Life
6 – Astonish
11 – Supersonic
16 – Bite
21 – Wing Attack (:D)
28 – Confuse Ray
35 – Air Cutter (Worse than Wing Attack)
42 – Mean Look
49 – Poison Fang
56 – Haze
Happiness – EVOLUTION

Makuhita/Hariyama: If you don’t want to use Blaziken, Breloom or Machoke, but want a Fighting Pokémon, this is the one for you. Packs quite a punch. It can learn Cross Chop as an Egg move. (Fighting; Thick Fat, Guts)
S – Tackle
S – Focus Energy
4 – Sand Attack
10 – Arm Thrust
13 – Vital Throw
19 – Fake Out
22 – Whirlwind (How Makuhita does this is anyone’s guess)
29 – Knock Off
33 – Smellingsalt
40 – Belly Drum
44 – Endure
51 – Seismic Toss
55 – Reversal

Vital Throw in action.

While looking up information about how Vital Throw works, I actually learned something new about Pokémon game mechanics: Priority. That’s how moves like Quick Attack, Counter, Pursuit and so on works. Vital Throw has a priority of -1, so it will usually strike after other moves, regardless of speed. Quick Attack has a priority of +1, which explains why it strikes before other moves. Switching out, using items and fleeing has a priority of +6, and if you switch Pokémon or attempt to flee Pursuit will gain a priority of +7, which means it can strike before that.

Aron/Lairon/Aggron: Some sturdy fellows. Has 4x weakness to Ground and Fighting, but has ten resistances, and 4x resistance to Rock and Flying. Their moveset leaves something to be desired, though. Sturdy means OHKO moves have no effect (when I talked about “useless” abilities in the beginning, I was thinking about this one) and Rock Head means the Pokémon doesn’t receive recoil damage. (Steel, Rock; Sturdy, Rock Head)
S – Tackle
4 – Harden
7 – Mud Slap
10 – Headbutt
13 – Metal Claw (Only super effective against Rock and Ice)
17 – Iron Defense
21 – Roar
25 – Take Down
29 – Iron Tail
37 – Protect
50 – Metal Sound
63 – Double-Edge

Sableye: Its most obvious advantage is that it has no weaknesses, as well as two immunities. Awesome. And it has diamonds for eyes. Since it’s a Pokémon that doesn’t evolve, its stats are quite good this early in the game but don’t expand later. (Dark, Ghost; Keen Eye)
S – Leer
S – Scratch
5 – Foresight
9 – Night Shade
13 – Astonish
17 – Fury Swipes
21 – Fake Out
25 – Detect
29 – Faint Attack
33 – Knock Off
37 – Confuse Ray
41 – Shadow Ball
45 – Mean Look

Geodude/Graveler/Golem: Another one of those “won’t evolve unless traded Pokémon”. 4x weakness to Water and Grass, and five weaknesses overall. Not the best Pokémon, exactly. Still, I’ve found myself using it sometimes because it has moves which are useful on the journey. Attack and Defense are high, but the rest is fairly low. You just gotta love it, despite its shortcomings. (Rock, Ground; Sturdy, Rock Head)
S – Tackle
S – Defense Curl
6 – Mud Sport
11 – Rock Throw
16 – Magnitude
21 – Selfdestruct
29 – Rollout
37 – Rock Blast
45 – Earthquake (:D)
53 – Explosion
62 – Double-Edge

Nosepass: Being pure Rock means it isn’t quite as vulnerable as Geodude is. Better Defense and Special Defense than Graveler, and has surprisingly high Special Attack. Its moveset is sort of… strange. It can learn Thunderbolt through TM24. Magnet Pull means Steel Pokémon can’t flee. Er, better than Sturdy I guess. (Rock; Magnet Pull, Sturdy)
S – Tackle
7 – Harden
13 – Rock Throw
16 – Block
22 – Thunder Wave (Darn useful)
28 – Rock Slide
31 – Sandstorm
37 – Rest
43 – Zap Cannon (So… [expletive removed]… bad…)
46 – Lock-On

I throw the three Great Balls I had got at the Abra I encounter. I might as well have thrown them into the sea.

“I’m Henny. I have a Tentacool.”

Brawly is much better than Roxanne “Poor Predictable Rock”. Comes with a level 16 Machop, a level 16 Meditite and a level 19 Makuhita. Will kick your arse unless you’re careful.

Meditite spams Focus Punch. Just use any directly damaging move and it will lose its focus. Brawly wasted all of his Super Portions trying to save Meditite from the wrath of Tentacool and her inefficient Poison Stings.

I almost feel a bit guilty using Leech Seed. It seems like such a horrific move. Those parasiting plants… argh.

Two Vital Throws were enough to put Tentacool and Shroomish out of commission, but the combined effects of Leech Seed, Paralysis and Confusion meant that was the only hits he was able to inflict. An “It hurt itself in its confusion” and a “Foe MAKUHITA’s health was sapped by Leech Seed” later and the poor fellow died. The Dewford gym badge is ours!

And I who thought Double-Slap was odd.

I’ll be damned. Despite frustrating me before, Abra is now in my possession.

Holding Everstone, a Pokémon won’t evolve. This is a valid strategy sometimes, since you can learn moves faster, and get some moves which you otherwise cannot.

Walking into the cave room, I encounter a man looking at a completely ordinary cave rock. He introduces himself as Steven, and says that he has a very large interest in stones. It seems to be a quite popular pastime in Hoenn. I give him the damn letter and he gives me a Steel Wing in return. Works for me.

And that’s all for this update.


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