Pokémon Emerald Update #2

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If you’re ever doing a “Let’s Play” of Pokémon, if you let people vote for which starter Pokémon should be used, you can bet your sweet ass they’re going to pick Mudkip. I blame the “I herd u liek mudkipz” meme. I secretly voted for Torchic myself, since I like the idea of having a giant cock Pokémon, but fine, you shall have your smelly Mudkip.

I have a fairly blitzkrieg (or more like berserk) attitude when it comes to stats; offense is the best defense. Knock out your foes before they have a chance to retaliate. Thus, I like the idea of a starter with a heavy Attack value. The Mudkip family’s offensive Ground moves (Mudshot, Earthquake) are better than it’s Water moves (Water Gun, Surf).

As gender goes, it’s no surprise Mudkip is male. Starters, as well as other rare non-legendary Pokémon (Eevee, Snorlax etc.) have a fairly odd gender disposition; only 1/6th of the population is female. The reason for this is that the designers reasoned that it would be harder to hatch new starters from eggs this way, since the hatchling is the same as it’s mother, unless a Ditto is used. The gender ratio seems fairly odd from the perspective of natural selection (which might be why they’re so rare in the first place ;)).

Ah, Zigzagoon. I both love and hate it at the same time. In Ruby and Sapphire, it’s Pickup ability was incredibly gamebreaking. Pickup works in the manner that after every battle, Zigzagoon may pick up an item, making it an ideal HM slave. It was very good items as well, giving the player powerful items very early in the game. In Emerald, this was reworked quite a bit, the items Zigzagoon being able to pick up now dependent on it’s level. If you level a Zigzagoon up to level 100, you may be able to get a Leftovers or Earthquake if you’re lucky. There’s no way I’m going to post the whole chart here, so click the link. The reason I hate it is because it’s this game’s Rattata, except much weaker. It’s extremely common (though luckily less common than in Ruby and Sapphire), and annoying. Doesn’t even give much EXP. Blah.

Regarding describing the Pokémon’s moveset, I’ve done it a bit more flexible so that I list for example the levels Zigzagoon learn new moves until it evolves to Linoone, at which point I list Linoone’s moves instead. Some Pokémon learn certain moves only when they neglect evolving, which I shall make a note of. I shall also list the Pokémon’s abilities. Sounds good?

Zigzagoon/Linoone: Decent speed but low in everything else. (Normal; Pickup)
S – Tackle
S – Growl
5 – Tail Whip
9 – Headbutt (70 Power and 100 Accuracy that early in the game ain’t bad, I suppose)
13 – Sand Attack
17 – Odor Sleuth
23 – Mud Sport
29 – Fury Swipes
35 – Covet
41 – Slash
47 – Rest
53 – Belly Drum (I suddenly get a weird mental image)

The man was very thankful for me saving him from the extremely intimidating level 2 raccon-thingy, which admittedly seemed more eager to lick him in the face than killing him. He introduced himself as Professor Birch. I’m guessing he got his PhD from a box of cereals, or a degree mill in Texas. He invited me back to his lab, and asked if I wanted to go see his daughter May, that girl who interrupted my looting.

My answer was naturally no, but the old man kept persisting. “Oh, don’t be that way. You should go meet my kid.“, he said, in a manner that let me know that he meant serious business. I decided to lie, and told him that sure, I would go see that brat. I sure as hell won’t go meet her.

Route 101: What a fitting name.
Poochyena – Very Common
Wurmple – Very Common
Zigzagoon – Common

Poochyena/Mightyena: Attack is it’s strongest stat, even though it’s a Dark type. Most Dark types are like that. Go figure. (Dark; Run Away(Poochyena)/Intimidate(Mightyena))
S – Tackle
5 – Howl
9 – Sand Attack
13 – Bite
17 – Odor Sleuth
22 – Roar
27 – Swagger
32 – Scary Face
37 – Take Down
42 – Taunt
47 – Crunch
52 – Thief

Wurmple’s a special case, since it evolves to Silcoon at level 7, and eventually Beautifly at level 10, during the day and Cascoon and Dustox during the night. I covered Beautifly in the previous update, so here’s Dustox:

Dustox: It’s strongest stat is Special Defense, with Defense right behind. It is equally strong (equally weak?) in Attack and Special Attack. It’s Shield Dust ability is fairly awesome, since additional effects in certain moves (such as Thundershock causing Paralysis) has no effect. Not as good as Butterfly, but a worthwhile substitute if you desperately long for that special insect… *goes nostalgic* At least it learns Silver Wind earlier. (Bug, Poison; Shield Dust)
10 – Confusion
13 – Gust
17 – Protect
20 – Moonlight
24 – Psybeam
27 – Whirlwind
31 – Light Screen
34 – Silver Wind
38 – Toxic

Ah, I have arrived in the amusingly named Oldale Town. The motto is “Where Things Start Off Scarce”. Well, that’s quite an understatement. Since Oldale Town has four buildings as opposed to Littleroot Town’s three, I suppose it’s slightly larger.

“They look suspiciously similar to your own footprints”, I told the eccentric nerd.
“Fascinating, isn’t it?”, he replied, visibly excited.
“And I suppose you won’t let me pass until you’re done?”
“Well, damn. To vent my utter frustration, I think I’ll go beat up May.”

Route 103: You can take a shortcut to Route 110 once you have Surf.
Poochyena – Very Common
Wingull – Common
Zigzagoon – Common
In water:
Magikarp – Very Common (Old Rod, Good Rod)
Pelipper – Rare
Sharpedo – Very Common (Super Rod)
Tentacool – Very Common; Common (Old Rod, Good Rod)
Wailmer – Common; Very Common (Good Rod, Super Rod)
Wingull – Common

Wingull/Pelipper: Wingull is best in speed, and to a lesser extent Special Attack, but once it evolves it’s more predominant in Special Attack and Defense. Can be useful if you don’t pick Mudkip, but now you just happened to do so, which means we will not bother with it. Beware the 4x weakness to Electricity. Keen Eye means the Pokémon’s accuracy can’t be lowered, a fairly nifty ability. It doesn’t learn Surf however, which sucks for a Water Pokémon. (Water/Flying; Keen Eye)
S – Growl
S – Water Gun
7 – Supersonic
13 – Wing Attack
21 – Mist
25 – Protect
33 -Stockpile
33 – Swallow
47 – Spit Up
61 – Hydro Pump (5 PP and 80% accuracy? No thanks.)
Alternatively, if Wingull doesn’t evolve:
31 – Quick Attack
43 – Pursuit
55 – Agility

“There you are, friend! Let’s battle!” May exclaimed as soon as she saw me.
“Sure. I love easily gained money”.
I send out Mudkip, and she sends out Treecko. Damn. I am at a type disadvantage. I knew I should’ve picked Torchic. May commands her Treecko to use Absorb, leading to Mudkip’s surely death since it’s 4x weak to Grass. I’m doomed. Hmm, the Treecko appears to not know the move – all it knows is Pound and Leer. How lame.

As far as the battle with May goes, Pound/Scratch/Tackle the Treecko/Torchic/Mudkip to death, and use the Potion if you’re running low on HP. You’ll also notice that Mudkip has learnt Mud Slap. Torchic learns Ember at 10, which is the most useful early move. Treecko learns Absorb at 6, a move I don’t fancy too much. Mud Slap at level 6 is the most useless early move, though – I would rather have a move which actually does damage, alternatively Sand Attack.

After humiliating May, I return back to the lab. Birch gives me a digital encyclopedia which I have to fill out myself. Hooray. May gives me some balls. Freud would be proud.

Ah, it appears I was wearing shoes made of lead, which explains my absurdly slow movement. Very well, these shoes will come in handy.

Before going to Route 102, you could go to the Poké Mart. If you buy 10 Poké Balls or more, you’ll also receive a free Premier Ball. Also fill out the questionable questionnaire, and you will unlock Mystery Gift.

Route 102: On this route we find a few new Pokémon, as well as the very first batch of trainers.
Lotad – Common
Poochyena – Common
Ralts – Rare
Seedot – Rare
Wurmple – Common
Zigzagoon – Common
In water:
Corphish – Common; Very Common (Good Rod, Super Rod)
Goldeen – Common; Rare (Good Rod, Old Rod)
Magikarp – Very Common (Old Rod, Good Rod)
Marill – Very Common
Surskit – Rare

Ralts/Kirlia/Gardevoir: A favourite of mine. It’s Special Attack is devastating as soon as level 6, and will make a good addition to your team. If you want a Psychic Pokémon (and who doesn’t?) either pick this one up, or wait for Abra at Route 116, but keep in mind you probably won’t be able to fully evolve Abra. If you’re feeling masochistic, you could wait for the weak Spoink in Jagged Pass. Regarding it’s abilities: Trace is absolutely awesome because it copies the opponent’s ability, but keep in mind that it backfires sometimes. Synchronise passes your own Status Effect onto the enemy. (Psychic; Trace/Synchronise)
S – Growl
6 – Confusion
11 – Double Team
16 – Teleport
21 – Calm Mind
26 – Psychic
30 – EVOLUTION (Surprisingly early)
33 – Imprison
42 – Future Sight
51 – Hypnosis
60 – Dream Eater

Keep in mind that both the Lombre and Seedot family evolves through evolutionary stones, which means they won’t learn any moves through levelling up after they’ve evolved to their final form.

Lotad/Lombre/Ludicolo: Intrerestingly enough, it has both strong Special Attack and Special Defense. However, it’s moveset is cringe-worthy. I’d recommend avoiding this Pokémon. While raining, Rain Dish can heal the Pokémon and Swift Swim can double it’s speed. (Water/Grass; Rain Dish/Swift Swim)
S – Astonish
3 – Growl
7 – Absorb
13 – Nature Power
19 – Fake Out
25 – Fury Swipes
31 – Water Sport
37 – Thief
43 – Uproar
49 – Hydro Pump
Water Stone – EVOLUTION
Alternatively, if Lotad doesn’t evolve:
21 – Mist
31 – Rain Dance
43 – Mega Drain

Seedot/Nuzleaf/Shiftry: A bit like the Lotad family, but with Attack and Speed instead of Special Defense. Also like the Lotad family, it’s moveset absolutely sucks. Early Bird wakes the Pokémon from sleep earlier and Chlorophyll doubles the Pokémon’s speed while it’s sunny. (Grass/Dark; Early Bird/Chlorophyll)
S – Bide
S – Pound
3 – Harden
7 – Growth
13 – Nature Power
19 – Fake Out
25 – Torment
31 – Faint Attack
37 – Razor Wind (Never use this move. Never.)
43 – Swagger
49 – Extrasensory

I’ve finally decided that Ralts will be a new addition to our team. That’s all for now.


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