Pokémon Emerald Update #1

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Many people tend to think of Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal (also known as GSC or “the second generation”) as the height of Pokémon, claiming the franchise went downhill from there. I disagree. For me, it is the third generation that has been the pinnacle, namely Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald (RSE) + FireRed and Leaf Green (FRLG, the remakes of the original games).

The place where GSC took place, Johto, could more accurately be called Western Kanto. It was so blatantly obvious. While the game did introduce many new Pokémon and an array of new features, the spotlight was on Kanto, which was in the game as well. Johto had a lot of Kanto Pokémon, and were prominent to the Johto ones. Therefore, it makes sense to think of it as Western Kanto.

With the release of Ruby and Sapphire however, Gamefreak had imagined something much different. They wanted to take a step away from Kanto, and make a game more independent from the previous games. In GSC, you had your Pidgey waiting for you in the first grass, ready to kick ass as it had done before in RBY. In RSE, on the other hand, you didn’t have a Pidgey. In fact, there was no bird Pokémon in the first grass – you had to walk a bit before finding Taillow, who while bearing some resemblances to Pidgey, was also quite seperate from it. Only 63 of the previous Pokémon were in Hoenn, the rest of the total 200 being entirely new species.

You might say “hold on you palooka, some of the new Pokémon were carbon copies of previous ones”. Perhaps it might seem like that on first sight, but they are quite unique. For example, it would make sense to think of Beautifly as a doppelganger of Butterfree. Their movesets tell a different story, though their stats are somewhat similar:

Butterfree: HP 60, Attack 45, Defense 50, Special Attack 80, Special Defense 80, Speed 70, Total 385
10 – Confusion
13 – PoisonPowder
14 – Stun Spore
15 – Sleep Powder
18 – Supersonic
23 – Whirlwind
28 – Gust
34 – Psybeam
40 – Safeguard
47 – Silver Wind

Beautifly: HP 60, Attack 70, Defense 50, Special Attack 90, Special Defense 50, Speed 65, Total 385
10 – Absorb
13 – Gust
17 – Stun Spore
20 – Morning Sun
24 – Mega Drain
27 – Whirlwind
31 – Attract
34 – Silver Wind
38 – Giga Drain

As you can clearly see, the Pokémon are fairly distinct from each other, while also having some resemblances. They have different focuses. In fact, Butterfree has more in common with the other early bug Pokémon in RSE, Dustox.

Hoenn was also much bigger than previous regions, with 15 cities compared to 12 in Kanto and 11 in Johto, and many more routes and instances, with more varied terrain features compared to the same old grass routes of Kanto and Johto. While FRLG didn’t have Johto, it did have the Seven Islands instead, a fairly huge area.

Where am I going with this? Ah yes, I shall do a playthrough of Pokémon Emerald. Without further ado, let’s play!

Is this a dream? Am I alive? Where am I – Who am I? My vision is blurry… I think I hear an old man speaking… he appears in full sight now. And he’s asking really odd questions.

Ah, I’m shrinking…! The truck grinds to a halt, startling me awake. It appears this hellish trip is finally over. The dumbass driver didn’t realize we were moving to an island without any functioning roads. I was near drowning several times. I broke a leg, a thumb and my pelvis bone, and I suffered a minor concussion. Once I get my hands on that driver, I’m going to [expletive removed] kill him… I get out of the truck, and suffocate the driver. My mom leaves my new home to greet me. Fortunately she hasn’t seen the dead driver yet.

This place is boring and full of lame people. I cannot stay here.

As I burst into the house to grab all the money and health packs as I can get, I notice a map of the region. It is full of places much more interesting than this one.

I also went into my neighbour’s house and looted some. Unfortunately some chick discovered me. She nurtured dreams of becoming “friends”. Completely ridiculous, of course. I shall keep an eye on her – perhaps she will harass me later.

My initial reaction was to grab the bag and leave him to die, but the raccoon-thingy had started to gnaw into his pants and he started make these desperate little sounds as I walked past him, so I had to help him. Alas, I am too soft.

The three started you get to choose from are Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip. Now, because I believe in Democrazy, drop a comment and vote for who you think I should pick to lead us on this grand endeavour. 🙂

A run down on the three final forms:

Sceptile: HP 70, Attack 85, Defense 65, Special Attack 105, Special Defense 85, Speed 120, Total 530 (Grass)
6 – Absorb
11 – Quick Attack
16 – Fury Cutter
17 – Pursuit
23 – Screech
29 – Leaf Blade
35 – Agility
43 – Slam
51 – Detect
59 – False Swipe

Blaziken: HP 80, Attack 120, Defense 70, Special Attack 110, Special Defense 70, Speed 80, Total 530 (Fire, Fighting)

7 – Focus Energy
13 – Ember
16 – Double Kick
17 – Peck
21 – Sand Attack
28 – Bulk Up
32 – Quick Attack
36 – Blaze Kick
42 – Slash
49 – Mirror Move
59 – Sky Uppercut

Swampert: HP 100, Attack 110, Defense 90, Special Attack 85, Special Defense 90, Speed 60, Total 535 (Water, Ground)
6 – Mud Slap
10 – Water Gun
15 – Bide
16 – Mud Shot
20 – Foresight
25 – Mud Sport
31 – Take Down
39 – Muddy Water
46 – Protect
52 – Earthquake
61 – Endeavor

Keep in mind that the movesets from the final form to it’s pre-evolutions differ quite a bit, which means it can look slightly confusing.


2 Responses to “Pokémon Emerald Update #1”

  1. PikaYoshi Says:

    I vote for Mudkip.

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